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The Larsen Family
This photo is of my great-great-grandmother and several of her children and their spouses. The information in the photo caption was provided by Karen Fieldsa Seidler and the small print is kind of hard to read here. It says "Olaf, Hjalmar, Gustav, Alfred, Jens, Olga and Bertha were the children of Tobine." Karen got this photo when she was visiting Norway in 2002. She also says "Dagny was your great-grandmother's sister who married your great-grandfather's brother Hjalmar. And Adolf is Adolf Fredriksen who married Olga Larsen." Karen goes on to say "The story I heard in Norway was that the photo was taken after Olaf died, and he was super imposed in the photo. I believe it's true, since the picture isn't quite centered. We're not really sure when he died, and only some of the Norwegian relatives even knew he existed. My dad never heard about him either. But the cousins in Bergen (children of Torloug and grandchildren of Alfred) knew of him."

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