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Oscar & Ruth's 50th Wedding Anniversary Party
Oscar & Ruth's 50th Wedding Anniversary
This photo was taken at Oscar and Ruth's 50th wedding anniversary party in Norway. The caption below is kind of hard to read. It says "Oscar and Ruth's 50th Wedding Anniversary, Norway. (1st line from bottom left, 2nd line from bottom right) Bertha Fredriksen Feid, Thoralf Fredriksen, Elizabeth Larsen (Asbjorn's wife), Mr. Olsen (Anny Fredriksen's father), Bertha Larsen Hanson, Gustav Larsen, Anny Olsen Fredriksen (Karl's wife), Johan Sorli (Elvira's husband), Ruth Fieldsa, Olga Fieldsa Bamberger, Asbjorn Larsen, Torkel Feid, Mrs. Olsen (Anny's mother), Edward Hansen (Bertha's husband), Albertine Larsen (Gustav's wife), Karl Fredriksen, Elvira Sorli (Ruth's sister), Oscar Larsen Fieldsa".

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