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The link to sign my guestbook doesn't work. Email me at jerry@jerryconley.com and let me know what you want to add.

Name :    Chris Moore
Web site :   
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Location :   
Date :    May 29, 2017
Comment :    I'm Chris Dora Moore. My grandfather was Ray W. Conley (d. 1998). I wanted to share/let people know/put it out there in case any relatives were nearby and wanted to maybe meet up....My son is graduating from Ft. Campbell, Ky on 8 June, 2017. My daughter and I are driving out for his graduation, getting him and then driving up to Ohio. I don't know how to get it out to anyone. I don't even know how many are in the area around Ft. Campbell. If you know how I could do that, that would be cool.

Name :    Deanna Crawford
Web site :   
Email Address :    deannac53@yahoo.com
Location :   
Date :    May 12, 2017
Comment :    Hi Jerry,
just looked at your amazing handiwork at researching the Conleys and Blairs. My great great grandfather was Frank Blair and his daughter Oma was my grandmother and her son Earl was my Father. I have been keenly interested in researching our family heritage. Oma married Early Litteral and we are trying to get info on both. If anyone knows the John Litteral and Julia Jackson heritage I would be interested in hearing from them. Also, have a cousin who lives in Colfax CA. and she is getting on in years and will be moving soon possibly but your area is beautiful. Keep in touch.
Deanna Crawford

Name :    Beverly "Robin" Wong
Web site :   
Email Address :    familytree102@hotmail.com
Location :    Baltimore, MD
Date :    April 25, 2017
Comment :    Beverly "Robin" Hall Wong daughter of George Emory Hall, JR born in Tazewell, WV and Rosalee Patricia Helmick born in Davis, WV. George and Rosalee have five other children.
While researching my grandparents, George Emory Hall (SR) and MURTILDA J. "MYRTLE" TRIMBLE I found your great website. Thanks for your hard work and enthusiasm at piecing together our family history/tree. When I first started I had nothing at all except a few names on a piece of paper that I found among my mothers papers when she passed away. I was and still am amazed at the information you have gathered. MANY THANKS.
Thank you for your time,

Name :    Linda Howard Scott
Web site :   
Email Address :   
Location :   
Date :    March 27, 2017
Comment :    I am a novice researcher in genealogy and I am blown away by the huge amount of information your website makes available. Both my dad and mom's people came from Magoffin County to so the county, Ohio. I even found my dad's name on your site. I do have the Howard books from the historical society. And you are right they are a treasure. I would like to be able to sign your guestbook. But mostly I just want to thank you and let you know that I consider this a prime site for my research.

Name :    Ronald Todd Coake
Web site :   
Email Address :    r.todd.coake@gmail.com
Location :    Statesboro, GA
Date :    November 12, 2012 14:24
Comment :    Just typed in my dads name and found you sight. Learned a lot about family tree.

Name :    Lesia Wainwright
Web site :   
Email Address :   
Location :   
Date :    November 3, 2012
Comment :    Great website. Thanks!!! I got some good info from it that's been hard to find. I have a story to share if you are interested.
Lesia Let me know.

Name :    Alec Ramey
Web site :   
Email Address :    Alec46360@yahoo.com
Location :    Michigan City, IN
Date :    Tue, September 18, 2012
Comment :    I found your site interesting and helpful. I have been doing research on Carrie Lemaster who married Roba Franklin Ramey, I found that you have a lot of people that fit into my family tree. My family tree started as a school project for my daughter about 10 years ago and has turned into a fun hobby. thank you for sharing your information

Name :    Renee Blair Minshew
Web site :   
Email Address :    renee@reneeminshew.com
Location :    Holly Springs' NC
Date :    Fri, September 14, 2012
Comment :    I am one of the daughters of the late Kenward Pitt Blair. The others are Janice Blair Smith, Burlie L. Blair. I am named after Theada. Burlie is named after our late grandfather Burley Blair. Will be checking back in later for more update.

Web site :   
Email Address :    m.jordan@ambt.net
Location :    LUCASVILLE, OHIO
Date :    August 16, 2012 20:19

Name :    Martin & Edwina Moody
Web site :   
Email Address :    Familytreeclimber@Yahoo.com
Location :    Morrilton, Arkansas
Date :    Tue, July 31, 2012 21:14
Comment :    You have a great site, hope to continue looking to see if you have information we don't about the Conley and Salyer families. Especially information about Milton Claiborn Salyer and his wives. Do you know where he's buried in Flatgap, Johnson, Kentucky?
Response :    Thank you. No, I don't know. Sorry.

Name :    Delilah C Conley Winstead
Web site :   
Email Address :    winsteaddcw43050@yahoo.com
Location :   
Date :    July 17, 2012
Comment :    I am wondering how do I update things on my families listing. This site is impressive.
Response :    Thanks. Just email the information that you want added or corrected to jerry@jerryconley.com.

Name :    Dave Jackson
Web site :   
Email Address :    Djackson@mayajava.com
Location :    Placitas, NM
Date :    June 19, 2012
Comment :    Halloo & thanks for the site! I'm trying to find contact info for Debbie Sue Conley. I found a picture of her as a baby with my mother, Betty Jackson.

Name :    Andrea Nelson
Web site :    http://familytreemaker.genealogy.com/users/s/p/e/Andrea-M-Spenard/
Email Address :    fishernelson@frontier.com
Location :    Fisher, Illinois
Date :    June 9, 2012
Comment :    Hi Jerry ;) Glad to meet you 6th cuzin! I am so impressed with your site! o my, the hours you have invested putting this all together is just phenomenal I think. I really like how you have presented your sources that back up all the connections. Thank You so much for making this all available to everyone. It really is a godsend.
Henry and Ann (MacGregor) Connelly is our shared kinfolk. I come down from his son Thomas B. Connelly & Susan(Joines/Joynes) and their son Thomas Conley and Mahala (Davis).
Mahala & Thomas daughter Lydia Conley and Lydia's husband Harvey Trimble May is where our 'MAY' line intersect. Their son Samuel White May (and wife Violet Hackworth) and their grandson Thomas Jerry 'TJ' May (and wife Sarah Ellen Merritt) gave me my grandpa Garfield May (and his wife Thelma Warren). Garfield and Thelma's 5th child Lucele Virginia (May)Quick is my mum. She's gone now three years ago. Sept 29, 2009. I am her youngest child and now have two of my own sweet grandchildren.
Enjoy the California mountains and weather for me! I'll never make it out that direction. I'm in Illinois. Thanks again for all your hard work Jerry!
Response :    Thanks for the nice compliments. It's very much appreciated.

Name :    Christopher Conley
Web site :   
Email Address :    conley12907(at)yahoo(dot)com
Location :    United States
Date :    2 June 2012 20:28
Comment :    Just found out Thomas Conley is my 7th great grandfather and Captain Henry Conley is my 6th great grandfather.Always wanted to find out my family history,can't wait to see what else I can find!

Name :    Christopher Conley
Web site :   
Email Address :    conley12907(at)yahoo(dot)com
Location :    United States
Date :    2 June 2012 20:20
Comment :    where is a good site to purchase Three Hundred Years In America with the Connelly Clan?
Response :    I found my copy on eBay a few years ago. I haven't seen one since.

Name :    David Dickenson
Web site :   
Email Address :    ddsdd@aol.com
Location :    Cocoa Beach, Fl.
Date :    May 13, 1712 at 10:47:01 (PDT
Comment :    Jerry, enjoy your collection of families. Have found my great-great-great grand parents in your files. Thanks for the great work. DD

Name :    Lisa Blanton
Web site :   
Email Address :    spiralblanton@gmail.com
Location :    East Alton, IL USA
Date :    May 07, 2012 at 19:41:29 (PDT)
Comment :    Wow, just found your website while researching family history. I'm a descendent of Arminta Blanton, daughter of Gardener Blanton and Sarah J. Conley. Thanks for putting all this up on the internet!

Name :    Zachary Logan Parsons
Web site :   
Email Address :   
Location :    KY USA
Date :    May 07, 2012 at 15:43:51 (PDT)
Comment :    I am the son of Jo Alice Conley and Barry Allen Parsons. I have been working on a research project on family history and this is the most informative site I have found since the project began.

Name :    Susan Varney
Web site :   
Email Address :    suzkperry@hotmail.com
Location :    Paintsville, KY USA
Date :    May 05, 2012 at 16:31:51 (PDT)
Comment :    Your site is really intersting and informative. I am William Green Blairs great-granddaughter. I have been trying to find some additional information regarding the Blair family for quite some time.

Name :    Tim Moore
Web site :    athmoore1@aol.com
Email Address :   
Location :    Richmond, KY USA
Date :    May 03, 2012 at 17:31:52 (PDT)
Comment :    I am a descendant of Captain Henry Connelly of Magoffin County, Kentucky. I visited his grave today with the help of Todd Preston of the Magoffin County Historical Society.

Name :    Andrea Jean Penix
Web site :   
Email Address :    andreapenix@gmail.com
Location :    Sanford, NC USA
Date :    May 03, 2012 at 06:03:41 (PDT)
Comment :    Hello my family. I hope everyone is doing great. I am the daughter of Randy Penix, Charles R. Penix's first son. Jerry let me know if there is any information you may need. Love yall!

Name :    Pete Norris
Web site :   
Email Address :    peteytec1@aol.com
Location :    Freeport, NY USA
Date :    April 15, 2012 at 01:01:58 (PDT
Comment :    Hello Jerry...I'm your cousin Pete, Audrey's son....Funny, Electronics techs runs in our family....I'm one as well..X Navy like your other cousin Lester...Drop me a line I'd love to talk to you...

Name :    Brian Skerven
Web site :   
Email Address :    bskerven@hotmail.com
Location :    gilbert, az USA
Date :    April 13, 2012 at 19:50:32 (PDT)
Comment :    Love the site! I am the grandson of Anna Louise Blair, daughter of Reese Blair, son of Leander Blair. Just started doing some genealogy after looking at the 1940 census. You have filled a lot of gaps. Thanks!

Name :    Brenda Hritz
Web site :   
Email Address :    BrendaHritz@gmail.com
Location :    Grove City, Oh USA
Date :    April 11, 2012 at 19:36:23 (PDT)
Comment :    Hi Jerry, We are cousins. My Grandmother Polly Conley born in 1898 is descended from Edmund Connelly. Just happened upon your site after. Doing hours of research. You could have saved me a lot of time. Thanks for your work.

Name :    Lue Ann (Hunter) Bizzare
Web site :   
Email Address :    girlbizzare@hotmail.com
Location :    C A USA
Date :    April 09, 2012 at 13:23:34 (PDT)
Comment :    Hi, I am so happy i found your site. I am the granddaughter of Kerney Prater and Mousie May. My mom was Betty L. Hunter. I have lived in California for 30 years from Ohio, joined Air Force, and have since lost track of any relatives I might still have. My mom did die in a housefire, in 1981, in Ohio. She was born on February 8, 1937 (you have February 4). I don't know when mom and dad (frederick paul hunter) married, but they had three kids, Paul, Lue Ann, Sally Joan. If you know of any cousins we might have I would love to hear from them. I am so happy to have found your site.

Name :    Shelly Conley
Web site :   
Email Address :    shellyconley48@yahoo.com
Location :    Visalia, CA
Date :    April 06, 2012 at 10:06:57 (PDT)
Comment :    Your research continues to amaze me.

Name :    marion conly
Web site :   
Email Address :    conly@bellsouth.net
Location :    Manchester, tn
Date :    April 03, 2012 at 12:18:51 (PDT)
Comment :    my mother's name was jerry she married john conly from daingerfield tx. interesting

Name :    Marilyn Sue Daniel Chesney
Web site :   
Email Address :    mdchesney@msn.com
Location :    Temecula, CA USA
Date :    Tuesday, March 20, 2012 at 13:16:47 (PDT)
Comment :    I've enjoyed your website, as you have many of my relatives on it. My mother's name was Ivel May Conley, married to Simon Daniel. My mother's parents were Marrieta Woods and John Milton Conley. In your genealogy listing, you have only that my mother was married to a Daniel. I have two brothers, Richard Lyle and Harry Lee Daniel, and a brother and sister who are deceased - Kerry Neil and Judith Ann. I grew up in Paintsville, KY, and graduated from Paintsville High School.
Response :    Thanks for for the new information. I'll add it on my next update.

Name :    Jan Condit
Web site :   
Email Address :    jjcondit@q.com
Location :    Grants Pass, OR
Date :    Tuesday, March 13, 2012 at 14:58:48 (PDT)
Comment :    I am looking for parents of Celestia Adelaide Conley and/or any information on her. She married my gr. grandfather, Allen Perry Lord in 1867. She was born in Quincy, Michigan on March 20, 1847. Thanks very much!

Name :    Tammy Buhrts
Web site :   
Email Address :    mimi110765@aol.com
Location :    oh USA
Date :    Sunday, March 04, 2012 at 12:21:55 (PST)
Comment :    Agnes Conley was my great grandmother. Her daughter Louise was my grandmother.

Name :    Gary Carsey
Web site :   
Email Address :    buckeye331@frontier.com
Location :    Pittsfield, Il. USA
Date :    Friday, March 02, 2012 at 12:23:29 (PST)
Comment :    While doing some research on my family tree, I googled a relative and came across your site. Very informative, and I found a ggggrandfather and others I had never heard of. Thaddeus Bennett and 2nd wife Elizabeth had Thomas Bennett. He was born around 1810. His wife Nancy also born around 1810. You have her last name spelled as Fullerson but it is Fullerton. I have a long list on the Fullerton family. Thomas and Nancy are my gggrandparents. Wonderful site Jerry, Thanks!!
Response :    Thanks for the correction. I'd love to see what else you have on your line from Nancy Fullerton to you. Just email it to me at jerry@jerryconley.com. I'll take care of that correction on my next update.

Name :    Odessa Ayers-Southern
Web site :   
Email Address :    gilandodie@aol.com
Location :    Walnut Cove, Nc USA
Date :    Friday, February 24, 2012 at 19:39:57 (PST)
Comment :    John Ayers is my gggggrand father My dad was Artie Thomas Ayers his wife was Mary Elizabeth Chappell From Carroll Co Va.

Name :    Jessie Ratliff
Web site :   
Email Address :    crazy_chick_5_24_91@yahoo.com
Location :    meally, ky USA
Date :    Thursday, February 23, 2012 at 05:39:05 (PST)
Comment :    Mary ratliff pennington, she married gary pennington.She was married before gary though to otis davis but he passed away..Mary had three kids by Gary, Angela lynn,Pamela Marie, and Gary steven....Angela got married to Jonathan Micheal Cook of martha ky..Pamela had a baby Skylar Grace robinson by joesph Morgan Robinson.. Ollie Ratliff Married Telmage Southern and she had Michelle And Tony Southern..Tony passed away a few years back he was 19.Rip.Martha ratliff is married to Rosco Kidd she had 1 child with him and his name is clark ratliff..She was married to Danny castle and had Teddy...
Response :    I'm assuming that you mean the Mary Ratliff who was the daughter of Topsy, and I tried to email you to make sure, but the email came back saying that that email address wasn't valid.

Name :    henry e ramey
Web site :   
Email Address :   
Location :    odds , ky USA
Date :    Monday, February 20, 2012 at 13:11:41 (PST)
Comment :    great ithank you nfo found lots about dales rameys coles collins

Name :    Judy J.Ward-Blanton
Web site :   
Email Address :    jjblanton@foothills.net
Location :    Staffordsville, KY USA
Date :    Tuesday, February 14, 2012 at 19:30:05 (PST)
Comment :    I love your web site. I find your site very helpful. MY mom was a Blair from Levi Blair line. She married Ashley Ward, (actually he can be traced back to Levi Blair-4th cousins)Her mom was Lucy Baldwin,her dad was Liss Blair. Enough of that, wondering, where do you fit, are we related? Again, great site!!!
Response :    Thank you... We are distant cousins - I descend from Captain Henry Connelly's oldest son, Edmond, and you descend from his oldest daughter, Peggy.

Name :    Nicole Yorke (Isaacs)
Web site :   
Email Address :    nyorke74@gmail.com
Location :   
Date :    February 13, 2012 at 20:12:25 (PST)
Comment :    I am the Great Grand Daughter of Martha M Conley & Edmond Isaacs. Looking at your site has been a true pleaseure. (I'm still trying to read through it). If their is any information I can provide you from my line please let me know, I will be happy to supply what I can.
Thank You Again, Nicole
Response :    I don't have much on your line but would love to see what you'd like to send me. Just email it to jerry@jerryconley.com. Thanks.

Name :    Donald R Black
Web site :   
Email Address :    dandyfarms@msn.com
Location :    Dayton, OH, USA
Date :    Wednesday, February 08, 2012 at 15:43:49 (PST)
Comment :    I am the grandson of Sherman Black, I was born in 1956 which was 30 years after he died. My Dad was Charles Black born in 1910. I like your website and would appreciate any information about my family. Thank you
Response :    Sorry, I don't have any other information on Sherman Black. His son Ralph married into the Conley family, and that's the family that I'm researching.

Name :    Shelly Lanning
Web site :   
Email Address :    shekit36@gmail.com
Location :    Columbus, OH, USA
Date :    February 07, 2012
Comment :    Great Granddaughter of Rosa Rigsby and Lonnie Burks Granddaughter of Ivan Burks and Hazel Burks (Marshall) daughter of Sherry Burks

Name :    Terry
Web site :   
Email Address :    tinkerbell6143@yahoo.com
Date :    January 3, 2011
Comment :    Hi,
Are you related to Daniel Blaine Conley... he was in the 216th Ohio Army National Guards. He was and may still be a recruitor for the National Guards? I know he had a son , named Jason ... they lived in southern Ohio 30 years ago. Please, let me know if you have or can find a way to contact either of them. Thanks,
Response :    I don't have any way of getting in touch with Daniel, but am posting your email here, with your consent. Maybe he'll see this and contact you. Jerry

Name :    Richard Harris Smith
Web site :   
Email Address :   
Date :    October 30, 2010
Comment :    Wow you have placed a lot of time and effort into research for this. Thanks.

Name :    Wanda
Web site :   
Email Address :    cconley@bak.rr.com
Date :    October 27, 2010
Comment :    Hello Jerry, Just wanted say what a great site! Have enjoyed it very much. My husband Cecil Conley (deceased) decended from Thomas Blaine Conley and Jemima B. Jayne. Could not get through on your Guestbook - Thanks for the great work.
Response :    Sorry, my guestbook doesn't work like it's supposed to right now. Thanks for sending your entry by email.

Name :    Jamie Ann Sturgell Beck
Web site :   
Email Address :    mrsbeckjamiea@aol.com
Date :    8-7-2010
Comment :    My Grandfather is Norman Sturgell and it was a treat to find your site!

Name :    Brittany Hicks & Kelly Conley
Web site :   
Email Address :   
Date :    8/4/10
Comment :    Your site sure has generated a lot of hits from all over! We are proud of you for putting it together and being so informative for people.
We love you,
Brittany & Kelly

Name :    Kathleen Conley Newby
Web site :   
Email Address :    kathleen_newby@yahoo.com
Date :    7/29/10
Comment :    I've just spent a wonderful evening going through your site. Awesome!

Name :    Janet Thiem
Web site :   
Email Address :    jlthiem@comcast.net
Date :    7/28/10
Comment :    Hi Jerry.
I'm so happy to find your website. I'm sure it will help me in my research on the Blanton family.
I am the granddaughter of Josie Blanton and Bruce Litteral. If you'd like to add information on their descendents to your site, please email me and I'll be happy to send you that information.

Name :    Rudelle Connally
Web site :   
Email Address :    rudellec@windstream.net
Date :    25 July 2010
Comment :    The four brothers you mention as having come from Northern Ireland have the same first names as the ones the Connally family say started their family The earliest known of them is a Thomas Connally who married Ann Maynard and they had John who married Margraret Oldham in North Farnham Parish (in Virginia)in 1729. Our line descends from their son Thomas who was baptized in that parish in 1738. There are earlier records in that area of Connallys with names like your 4
Response :    Thanks for that info. Hopefully it will help someone research the earlier lines somewhere in the future.

Name :    James G,Conley,Sr
Web site :    Facebook
Email Address :    ConleyJames1@gmail.com
Date :    July 20,2010
Comment :    Good Site Jerry!,I just dropped by to say Hello. I will check back in ,In a few days..

Name :    Donald R. Leibee
Web site :   
Email Address :    jleibee@localnet.com
Date :    06-29-2010
Comment :    really love you work,great site.

Name :    Greg Rice
Web site :   
Email Address :    glrice@sbcglobal.net
Date :    12 Jun 2010
Comment :    Samuel K. Rice was my Gr-Gr Grandfather. I have done research on him over the years. There's suppose to be a tintype Civil War photo of him (per Russell Rice), but I have never located it. Email me for information.

Name :    jeffrey conley spettel
Web site :   
Email Address :    tspettel@woh.rr.com
Date :    june 10, 2010
Comment :    my middle name is my dad's mother's maiden name. her parents were alice kuechenmeister and james joseph conley. they were married in cincinnati, oh. in 1900. the name manion and manning come up, too.

Name :    jan hackworth
Web site :   
Email Address :    genevievehackworth@g-mail.com
Date :    7-8-2010
Comment :   

Name :    Betty Tope
Web site :   
Email Address :    bettytope@wildblue.net
Date :    June 08, 2010
Comment :    Wonderful web site - very thorough. Know it has taken hours and hours of hard work to find all the information.
Am researching the Conley's for my two grandsons who are descended from the Conley's on their paternal side.
Thanks again for all the exciting information.
P.S. - We are Californian's also - in the Sacramento area.

Name :    josie spears
Web site :   
Email Address :    lrizza_99_99@yahoo.com
Date :    5-9-2010
Comment :    was just surfing and found this site, so glad i did as i found many of my ancestors here, i feel right at home. thanks josie

Name :    Eva Byström
Web site :    facebook.com
Email Address :    eva.bystrom@spirab.se
Date :    14/4 2010
Comment :    Jerry!
I am doing little research on my day off and googled an ancestor. Suddenly I found myself on this amazing website. The person I was searching for was Sofia Juliana Carolina Himmelman. She is my mother´s father´s mother´s father´s mother´s mother. We have a more direct way of express these relations in swedish but I hope I got it correct. Thank you for charing this. It is a great help.
Eva Byström
Göteborg (Gothenburg)
Response :    Great to hear from Sweden! Glad you enjoyed my site and thanks for signing my guestbook.

Name :    Jim Conley
Web site :   
Email Address :    jim.conley@bsc.nodak.edu
Date :    April 15, 2010
Comment :    Great site Jerry!
I can provide a host of data on the descendants of Benjamin Franklin Conley in Carter County Kentucky
Jim Conley
Response :    Hi Jim. I'd love to see what you have. Send it to jerry@jerryconley.com

Name :    James R. Conley
Web site :   
Email Address :    jim.conley@bsc.nodak.edu
Date :    04/14/10
Comment :    Hey Jerry
Great site. Looking at your own genealogy and comparing it with mine, I see that you and I are each six generations down the line from our common Grandfather, Edmond Conley, born 1775 the son of Capt. Henry Connelly. I am the son of William Delbert Conley, son of William Henery Conley, Son of Benjamin Franklin Conley. I can produce a host of descendents from many of the children down from Benjamin to three generations following mine if you would like.
By the way thanks for all the work you do on this site. It's great!
Jim Conley

Name :    Shelly
Web site :    www.facebook.com
Email Address :    shellyconley48@yahoo.com
Date :    March 26 2010
Comment :    Hey Jerry, just taking a gander at the website I like to visit this periodically; you have done amazing research, I am very impressed. Hope to see you at Brit's wedding, geez they grow up so fast.

Name :    alma j jackson
Web site :   
Email Address :    jackson.alma@ymail.com
Date :    3/14/10
Comment :    have been looking at your websight. i am the greatgranddaughter of wallace conley and amanda reed conley.my grandmother was shellie conley and solomon(sol) saylor. my father was the son of shellie and sol. he was 2 years old when my grandma died,14 when my grandpa died.he had a picture of my granddad but could never find a picture anywhere of my grandma. if anyone reading this knows of anyone that has a picture of shellie,i would be most greatful,and elated to see it. have been told what she looks like,but a picture,Whoa.
descendent of

Name :    John Leonard Conley
Web site :   
Email Address :    lenconley1@verizon.net
Date :    3/14/2010
Comment :    I've just started to track my ancestors and I think you have a very informative site to get information.
I am a descendant of Captain Henry Connelly. My grandfather was Willie Bunker Conley and my dad was Ernest "Windy" Conley.

Name :    john samule conley
Web site :    none
Email Address :    jsc469er@yahoo.com
Date :    3 13 2010
Comment :    my granny and dad live in in ky still grew up in paintsville i was born in ri im going ther next month to hunt turkeys with dad god i miss that place
i ive in ri hate it here

Name :    Rebecca Recchione
Web site :   
Email Address :    brecchione@comcast.net
Date :    2/28/2010
Comment :    Great site. My mother is Joy Sparks Kerrigan, daughter of Edward Sparks and Mae Conley. I will update you with full list of Edward and Mae's children. List is Hazel, Garland, Ernest (died in infancy), Ethel, Jewell, Juanita, Ermon, Reva, Joy and Lillian.

Name :    Edward Conley
Web site :   
Email Address :    econley4@twcny.rr.com
Date :    2/18/10
Comment :    hello. I must be late on the tree. My grandfather arrived from the homeland in the 30's married a Canadian of native blood (Mohawk) and here I am. I live in Hamilton,NY nia-weh /Thank you (Mohawk)

Name :    Barbara Sue Pfaff
Web site :   
Email Address :    ecklen93@aol.com
Date :    1/10/2010
Comment :    You have so much information about my family on your web site, I would love to have a copy of all of it. Do you have it in book form which I could purchase? The information I am particularly interested in is Samuel Bracken Borders, my Great Grandfather, and all the Borders Family. Barbara Pfaff LaGrange, KY

Name :    Linda Allen
Web site :   
Email Address :    adaneff@aol.com
Date :    Dec. 18, 2009
Comment :    Enjoyed your site. I am the daughter of William S. Allen, Granddaughter of Wilbern Sidney Allen and Ida York. Wilbern was from Carroll Va. I know we connect but do not have enough info. yet.

Name :    John P Bays
Web site :   
Email Address :    bayshunter@Zoominternet.net
Date :    December 11, 2009
Comment :    I found several of my family names on your page. Bays, Allen, May, Miller Thanks for all the hard work. John Paul Bays

Name :    Joseph B Edwards
Web site :   
Email Address :    jedwards161@triad.rr.com
Date :    12/01/2009
Comment :    Jerry thanks for having such a great site i am a decendant of Joseph M Edwards and Jeston Allen. my gg grand father was green jacob washington edwards, so i guess we have a distant connection of sorts. i am trying to trace the Edwards family back to see what nationality we were.(scotch/irish) i think. i enjoy your site Joe Edwards

Name :    JoieCline
Web site :   
Email Address :    buckeye14@columbus.rr.com
Date :    11/19/09
Comment :    My mother was a Conley(Georgia);fa:Tollie, ma Maggie.From:Paintsville. Have some info but mostly containedin books of Magoffin co. historical. Do enjoy your site. Thanks

Name :    Connie Conley Crosby
Web site :   
Email Address :    drcrosby@comcast.net
Date :    Nov. 12, 2009
Comment :    I am a decendant of John Connelly/Conley b. 1744. Lived in Wilkes Co., N.C.. m Sarah Wilson 1765. Sons, William, Elijah, John, Josiah, Joel. I am dec. from Josiah and still live in Lawrence Co., Indiana where he, his mother and brothers moved to bet. 1814 and 1820. I have researched my line for over 30 years. And feel there had to be a connection bet. My John and your Henry but have not been able to make the connection. Jo Ann Cornelius gave me your Web info.

Name :    kenny blair
Web site :   
Email Address :    kmmcb@grics.net
Date :    oct 22 2009
Comment :    Great site Jerry.

Name :    Billie Guthrie Costigan
Web site :    None
Email Address :    bgcos@copper.net
Date :    October 13, 2009
Comment :    I am trying to develop an informational packet for my family's annual reunion (Conley-Brown Reunion in Mount Sterling KY)on Oct. 17th. I began a simple genealogical search a number of years ago when my maternal grandmother was alive, and she and an aunt from Ohio gave input. During the past month I have visited the conleycorner site a number of times, and today for the first time I am beginning to search yours.
I am descended from Captain Henry Connelly (1752-1840) through Edmund through Thomas through John Frank through William Henry through Mahala "Haley" Conley Blanton, my maternal grandmother's mother. I am anxious to see if I find any answers to some of my missing informations from your site. I enjoy these searches so much!
With all good wishes to you, Billie

Name :    Debria L. Wood
Web site :   
Email Address :   
Date :    10/02/2009
Comment :    I have info on may reva conley. She was my grandmother by her first son Van B. Hitchcock. He was raised by my great grandmother and grandfather John d.and Alice Hitchcock. I just wanted you to know.

Name :    Roberta Kay Rice Petro Bannen
Web site :   
Email Address :    kbannen@yahoo.com
Date :    Sept. 14, 2009
Comment :    Hi Jerry, I don't know exactly how I found your site, but I have enjoyed it! I am the daughter (3rd child), of 'Robert' Franklin Rice & Carrie 'Marie' Angles Rice. My father's parents were John 'Marvin' Rice & Orpha 'Gladys' Conley Rice Green. When I have more time I will send you some updated information. Okay? Look forward to corresponding with you! Thank you for sharing your site!
Roberta 'Kay' Bannen

Name :    James G,Conley
Web site :    facebook
Email Address :    conleyjames1@gmail.com
Date :    Sept 10,2009
Comment :    I , Accidently Came ACROSS YOUR PAGE,I DONT KNOW HOW OR WHY,BUT HERE I ARE, I come from the Conley- McCormick lines( I THINK )lol. Short,But Long Story,Please contact me,Ill be waiting.

Name :    kawanafaye sparks-johson
Web site :   
Email Address :    htdgcnhntr@yahoo.com
Date :    8-29-09
Comment :    Jerry,
My name is KawanaFaye, I am the daughter to Danny Darrell Sparks who died 11-13-93. He is the son of Vaudia Faye (Conley) & Earl Sparks. I would like anyone who is kin in any way to email me please I am trying to do my family tree. I live in Butler, Ga. It is hard for me to find any info on my family, I have 4 children living and 1 dead. I have always went to all the Conley Reunions in Salyersville, Ky. At least till I got married. Now I go when I can. But please anyone who is family that can get me some info I would really appreciate it.
Thank You:
KawanaFaye Dannielle Sparks-Johnson
po box 114
butler, Ga 31006
Response :    Good luck with your search.

Name :    Karen Gibbins
Web site :   
Email Address :    bankbimb@aol.com
Date :    8/26/09
Comment :    My grandfather was Watt Conley from Floyd County, KY. Great-grandparents were Joe and Ann Smith Conley. I have traced the tree back, thanks to your website.
Response :    Glad I could help. Coincidentally, more information on your line has been posted with the update that I'm doing today.

Name :    julia McDaniel
Web site :    august 23, 2009
Email Address :    jmcdaniel@plateautel.net
Date :   
Comment :    I am july etherine brown's granddaughter. her own children (my mom is Judy) didn't know her name was July. we just called her Irene. There are a lot of Conleys in Rolla Missouri. are we related? my son lives there. I live in carlsbad New Mexico.
Response :    The fact that her name was July Etherine Brown comes from page 119 of Volume I of the set of books "The Conley Clan of Eastern Kentucky," published and sold by The Magoffin County Historical Society. I highly recommend these books for anyone in the Conley family that would like to pass down the history of the Conley family. Thank you for taking the time to write.

Name :    Kevin Ellis Caudill
Web site :   
Email Address :    kelvislc@yahoo.com
Date :    august 13 2009
Comment :    Wow, good job! It is very interesting to see all my people here.I appreciate all your work Thanks.

Name :    Lila Croley
Web site :   
Email Address :    teacuper64@yahoo.com
Date :    7-30-09
Comment :    Hello this is a great place. My father was Marvin Conley grands Woots Conley ,Lawnie Ramey Conley any help would be great.
Response :    Nothing on this line yet, either. Sorry.

Name :    Nikki Conley Hudnall
Web site :   
Email Address :    n_hudnall@yahoo.com
Date :    7-29-09
Comment :    My dad's name is Jerry Conley, Grandads name is Raleigh Conley, he is buried in moultrie, GA, greatgrandads name is Jim Conley he is buried in rockwell church, GA. This is as far as I can get with my family. You can call my dad at with any information.
Response :    Sorry Nikki. I don't have anything on that branch.

Name :    Ronda Blevins
Web site :   
Email Address :    ronda@ky.zzn.com
Date :    Sunday June 19, 2009
Comment :    To correct some information on my side of the Conley family.
My gr-gr-gr-grandparents were:
Sarah Conley and Gardner Blantons.
gr-gr-grandparents are Laura Blanton and William Adams(who didn't died, he remarried, 3 children more)
gr-grandparent are Clara Adams(raised by Blantons) and Smith Blevins
grandparents are Edward Blevins and Corrine Cecil
and my parents are Tammy Blevins and William Crawford.+
My grandmother has a original artist's portrit of Laura Blanton and William Adams. The only picture we have of her. We have nome of the Blanton-Conley side at all. Would love to see any pictures of them.
Love all the information that you have on your site.

Name :    Sue Fairchild
Web site :   
Email Address :    sioux_7@hotmail.com
Date :    07-17-2009
Comment :    I just stumbled onto this site! I am married to Wallace Conley's first cousin. Wallace is Joe's dad. Did you know that we lost Joe last year? I just know I am going to love this site...

Name :    Jeri Taylor
Web site :   
Email Address :    tayjack77@windstream.net
Date :    July 13, 2009
Comment :    Just looking for the family of David Conley. I have some errors to get straightened out.

Name :    gene chewning
Web site :   
Email Address :    bodygenec@inetw2.net
Date :    7/7/09
Comment :    looking for any info re Morgan E. Conley, formerly of Cross City, Fla.,now deceased (08)neighbor & fellow model airplane bldr. in the 40s.

Name :    AMY CONLEY
Web site :   
Email Address :   
Date :    6/29/2009
Comment :    My Father and I have been researching our family tree for quite some time, I just want to say thank you, this site provides a lot of info, if you wouldnt mind leaving me some other helpful sites, I would really appreciate it
Response :    genforum.com, Conley Corner, and ancestry.com are a few.

Web site :   
Email Address :    jrcnly@yahoo.com
Date :    June 28, 2009
Response :    Email the info that you'd like added to jerry@jerryconley.com. Thanks.

Name :    Becky Conley Harris
Web site :   
Email Address :    sandfleas@hotmail.com
Date :    06-23-2009
Comment :    Im looking for my Conley family form blueridge virginia

Name :    James Douglas Conley
Web site :    James Douglas Conly Ancestry
Email Address :    dcdcsteel@yahoo.com
Date :    6/1/09
Comment :    Hello Jerry, My 1st. great grandfather was Wesley S. Conley (b.1859 d. 1919 who was married to Sarh Vanderpool b. 1864 d. 1943. His father was David Conley married to Florance Stone an so on? I have found your site to be so helpful but I can't seem to copy any of the info from your site or did you mean for this to be that way? I do enjoy the info you have and look forward to your up dates. If there is anything you might be able to help me with super.Thanks Doug
Response :    Thanks for the compliments. Glad you enjoy my site. I haven't done anything to prevent the copying of anything. You should be able to click on "file" and then "save as" and save it that way. Or you could highlight what you want to copy and then right-click and then click on copy. Then open up a word processor, such as Microsoft Word, or Wordpad, and then paste it from there. For photos you could right-click and then click on "save image as."

Name :    Johnnie Pleasants
Web site :   
Email Address :    johnny.pleasants@yahoo.com
Date :    5/28/09
Comment :    I stumbled across this story at the Flea Market Sunday in Hillsville. I enjoy local stories and history of the area.

Name :    Patty Blevins
Web site :   
Email Address :    elsonpat1965@yahoo.com
Date :    4-15-09
Comment :    Hi Jerry. This is Patty, here is some more information for you. moms name is Dora Ann Ingles. her parents were Lona & Dorothy Jenkins Ingles. my siblings and their spouces and childern are. John Elias & Tammy Porter Withrow, Ashley, Kimmie and Tyler Withrow.
Response :    As of May 8th, 2009, I have a new host for my Web site and now the guestbook should be able to handle the longer messages. Jerry

Name :    andrea penix
Web site :   
Email Address :    andreapenix57@yahoo.com
Date :    05/12/09
Comment :    so.... are we family?

Web site :   
Email Address :    elsonpat1965@yahoo.com
Date :    May 11 2009
Comment :    I would like to add my fathers name to Arch & Gertrude Withrows childerns name Paris Daniel Withrow Sr. he was born June 8 1932 before Aunt Rosie. He passed away last June 15 2008. Thank you Patty.

Name :    Guy Cornish
Web site :   
Email Address :    engineer1guyboy@yahoo.com
Date :    5/11/2009
Comment :    My father-in-law is Donald Forest Hampton and is in you geneaology records. His mother was a Blanton. We visited Tackett Cemetary this weekend to decorate graves.

Name :    martha Vineyard
Web site :   
Email Address :    mvine@juno.com
Date :    May 10,2009
Comment :    We share many names in our genealogy pages. My great-grandfather was Solomon Salyer form Russell Co. Va.

Name :    Wanda Mullins
Web site :   
Email Address :    wmullins@setel.com
Date :    May 7, 2009
Comment :    I found your web site while looking for information on my great grandfather A.C.(Calloway Cooper). You have really worked hard and have a very informative site.

Name :    Nancy
Web site :   
Email Address :    nancylorraine@comcast.net
Date :    05/04/2009
Comment :    Thank you for your terrific website. I am realated to the Pierce family and they were listed on you site. You saved us a lot of work!!!

Name :    Delilah Conley Winstead
Web site :   
Email Address :    winsteaddcw43050@gmail.com
Date :    May 1, 2009
Comment :    Just thought I would drop by. Yesterday was the 6th anniversary of my dads death. He was Delbert C. Conley child of Minta and Ellis Conley. Thank you.

Name :    Chris (Dora) Moore
Web site :   
Date :    23 April 2009
Comment :    Awesome site! I found me on there!!Hubby is military, I would love to find family wherever we go. Christina (Dora) Moore

Web site :   
Date :    4-20-2009
Response :    Sorry, you have the wrong Jerry Conley.

Name :    dexter goad jr.
Web site :   
Email Address :    fishwizard@yahoo.com
Date :    4/16/2009
Comment :    like the web sites this will help me alot i am desendent of dexter goad of ronoake virgina,dexter goad sr. dallas tx.

Name :    Robert Larson
Web site :   
Email Address :    whitebuffalo1111@yahoo.com
Date :    April 15, 2009
Comment :    You are doing a fine job with the family....site look real nice and the documentation and support from others is excellent....Keep Up The Good Work...Robert

Name :    Kathryn Cole
Web site :   
Email Address :    katanncole@yahoo.com
Date :    4/12/09
Comment :    Frank Pennington and LouCina Williams were my grandparents. Thanks so much for the information. I have had a hard time researching his side of the family.

Name :    lydia harris
Web site :   
Email Address :    lydiaharris@yahoo.com
Date :    4/09/09
Comment :    Hi your site is really great

Name :    Johnny Conley
Web site :   
Email Address :    angelaconley@hughes.net
Date :   
Comment :    Hi, Your site was so helpful to me and my family. I just wanna say thank you for providing all this info and history:)

Name :    Barbara
Web site :   
Email Address :    DBMeriden@aol.com
Date :    4/2/2009
Comment :    Looking for Elza & Louisa Buckley Conley marr: 1892 / infor on children:Virgil,Ted,Everett,Eldon,Elvin,Elmo,Audrey,Gladys,Lucille,Valera & Pearl of Swan, Iowa Thanx

Name :    Denise Valentine Miller
Web site :   
Email Address :    mdmiller@lexcominc.net
Date :   
Comment :    Im the greatgranddaughter of Mittie Ellen Caudill Valentine daughter of Samuel & Mary Jane Whitt Caudill.

Name :    Connie Little
Web site :   
Email Address :    connie1969@mikrotec.com
Date :    3.28.09
Comment :    My grandmother was Essie Conley from Magoffin, Co. KY. Her parents (I think) were John and Mary. She was born in 1910.

Name :    Tammy Blevins
Web site :   
Email Address :    granny@ky.zzn.com
Date :    March 24, 2009
Comment :    Sarah Conley was married to my Gardner Blanton. They had Laura and she had Clara Adams. I am from that line and have the information on this side Adams/Blevins

Name :    Alan Hampton Mann Sr.
Web site :   
Email Address :    ltal64cfhs@aol.com and ahmann@franklincountyohio.gov
Date :    March 4, 2009
Comment :    WOW!!! What a Work!!! I am most impressed with what you have accomplished. I am a first cousin to Aaron Allen, son of Jack Allen. My mother was Billie Ruth (born Willie, but changed the name after she moved away and married.)Allen. I live in Grove City, (
Response :    Thanks! Sorry that your message was cut off, but unfortunately this guestbook has size limits.

Name :    Beverly Hilderbrand
Web site :   
Email Address :    beverlyhilderbrand@yahoo.com
Date :    2/29/09
Comment :    Great website! My cousin has been working on our line for awhile. My great grandma was America Hilderbrand.

Name :    Barbara S. Pfaff
Web site :   
Email Address :    ecklen93@aol.com
Date :    02/26/2009
Comment :    I am granddaughter of Patrick Borders and Cinda George Borders from Paintsville, Ky. I found your website today,and my family is in it. Have some questions to get to later. Thanks for your hard work..Love it!!

Name :    Robin (Conley) Harpster
Web site :   
Email Address :    robin_harpster@yahoo.com
Date :    2/11/2009
Comment :    Im just trying to see if this is relation to Teddy Conley

Name :    Brittany
Web site :   
Email Address :    brittanynewman72@yahoo.com
Date :    2/6/09
Comment :    Hello my dear family feel free to email me anytime We iss you kim Brittany and Maya

Name :    Harold & Mary Alice Hunley
Web site :   
Email Address :    gran35@verizon.net
Date :    02/04/2009
Comment :    Hi Jerry, Great web page I am the son of Ada & Silas Hunley. Thank you for the opportunity to read about my family history.

Name :    Nancy Conley
Web site :   
Email Address :    themax18@airadv.net
Date :   
Comment :   

Name :    matt conley
Web site :   
Email Address :    matt.conley@ky.gov
Date :    01-26-2009
Comment :    Jerry, Thanks for all that you have done tracking down all of the Conleys through all those years. I enjoy looking at your website from time to time. Next time I am in Jenkins I am going to get some photos to send to you of Truman, Franklin, and George.

Name :    Devonia Autrey
Web site :   
Email Address :    devoniaautrey@yahoo.com
Date :    jan. 26, 2009
Comment :    Milford Conley married Lena Noland. Parents were Caleb and Emeline Dollar. I am their great granddaughter. Thanks.

Name :    Andrea Penix
Web site :   
Email Address :    andi_penix@yahoo.com
Date :    January 18, 2009
Comment :    Love the page! Great job...

Name :    joretta joseph
Web site :   
Email Address :    h.joseph01@insightbb.com
Date :    jan 18 2009
Comment :    i am interested in the honaker ties, my great grandmother is a honaker ( lydia Honaker)from eastern ky. i also have conleys in my family on my dad,s side

Name :    Jim Saddler
Web site :    The Lyon Den
Email Address :    AM2HTC@webtv.net
Date :    January 14 2009
Comment :    Thank you for the oportunity to visit your site There are bunches of Conleys in the Portsmoth Area that I am aquainted with whos ancestors came down the Big Sandy and up Rt 23 years ago in search of work. My mother was Gypsie Lyon Saddler from Red Bush.

Name :    ken & sue wilson
Web site :   
Email Address :    kencue20@sbcglobal.net
Date :    01-06-2009
Comment :    sue wilsons name before we got married was susan doyel.

Name :    Betty (Gibbs) Cantrell
Web site :   
Email Address :   
Date :    1-2-09
Comment :    Hello. I am the Great-GrandDaughter of Francis Marion & Elizabeth (Conley) Blanton. Have enjoyed your web page. And the Great-GrandDaughter of William Jackson & Anna Laura (Adams) Pennington.

Name :    jerryconley
Web site :   
Email Address :    jwcon_const@windstream.net
Date :    1/1/09
Comment :    Jim Conley/Grandfather Raleigh Conley/Father Jerry Conley/12/1/54

Name :    Robert Pettengill
Web site :   
Email Address :    robert_pettengill@yahoo.com
Date :    29 Dec 2008
Comment :    My nurse has a relative named Ronald Penix of Stockton, and search engine found this site but I could not find anyone with that name. Maybe broken link. I am 83 live in Placerville, CA Can you send me any data?

Name :    Joie Cline
Web site :   
Email Address :    buckeye14@columbus.rr.com
Date :    12/16/2008
Comment :    Great site. The more I do, the more confusion but always interesting. THANKS

Name :    Denise Stapleton
Web site :   
Email Address :    twokudes@yahoo.com
Date :    12 Dec 2008
Comment :    Joe Conley of Paintsville, passed away this past week.

Name :    Dianne Bayes Smiley
Web site :   
Email Address :    dianne6679@yahoo.com
Date :    12-12-2008
Comment :    Truly appreciate all your hard work. I have two lines of Conleys, Fairchilds and Blantons from Johnson County, KY and you are covering all of them. You are a genealogy angel. Thanks, Jerry

Name :    Isaiah Conley
Web site :   
Email Address :    conley_isaiah@yahoo.com
Date :    20081209
Comment :    interested in my family backround

Name :    Donald Eugene Conley
Web site :    http://unkldon.angelfire.com
Email Address :    unklpoo@yahoo.com
Date :    12/06/08
Comment :    My Conley starts with Charles Montgomery Conley 8 August 1843 to 24 October 1922. He Started in Greene County Kentucky and crossed over in Lincoln County Oklahoma. His name to my G Grandchildren I am sure of. Any information will be greatly appreciated.

Name :    Harris
Web site :    Harris
Email Address :    harri4life@yahoo.ca
Date :    04/12/2008
Comment :    What a wonderful webpage, am grateful.

Name :    Bob Adams
Web site :   
Email Address :    bobpenix@yahoo.com
Date :    12-2-2008
Comment :    I was born on Mash Fork, Magoffin County, Kentucky on 21 March 1933. I am a grandson of Leander and Mary Millie Conley Penix.

Name :    Carrie Conley
Web site :   
Email Address :    Bear4918@yahoo.com
Date :    11/30/08
Comment :    My grandparents are Bernie Conley Sr. and Ethel Trini Conley from Kentucky. I have the family tree books.

Name :    Hadijah Connelly
Web site :   
Email Address :    hadijah@msn.com
Date :    11/23/08
Comment :    Great..Decendant of the capt. through Grant and addie conley.. son Richard DePalma, Ventura Calif...Brilliant job

Name :    Joseph Kane Conley
Web site :   
Email Address :    aidan_sonof_thor@yahoo.com
Date :    Saturday, November 15, 2008
Comment :    The name Conley is among the thirty most common surnames in Ireland, and is most heavily distributed in Ulster. The Conley families have three different septs, OConhalaigh from Connacht. OCongaile which was established in Ulster.
Response :    Sorry that your message was cut off. My guestbook only accepts short messages. Longer ones should be sent to me at jerry@jerryconley.com.

Name :    Jessica (Vencill) Dotters
Web site :    myspace.com/jdotters
Email Address :    jdotters@cscc.edu
Date :    11/12/2008
Comment :    I am 33 and I have always been disappointed to not know my roots. This website has been a treasure trove of information to connect me to my past. Thank you so much. Sarah Maragaret Toddhunter was Betty A. Armstrongs mother. Betty was my grandmother.

Name :    Marshetta Conley
Web site :   
Email Address :    marshettaconley@yahoo.com
Date :    11/5/08
Comment :    I was Googling my family name and found your site,cool!Who knew there are so many Conleys. Maybe you can help me in my search? My grandfather is George Conley.He died in 97-99 time frame in Dayton,Oh. He was there on Pearl Habor. A navy soldier.

Name :    Peggy Harrison
Web site :   
Email Address :    peggyharrison1217@hotmail.com
Date :    10/31/2008
Comment :    Caney Conley and Leona Hodges were my grandparents. My father who passed away recently was Walter Conley, third child born in the family.

Name :    Patsy Blair-Foe
Web site :   
Email Address :    pbwilletts5@yahoo.com
Date :    10-24-08
Comment :    I really enjoyed looking for some of my relatives, and the information was very informative. Thank you!

Name :    Garth Gardner (Conley)
Web site :   
Email Address :    ggardner@co.jefferson.id.us
Date :    9/24/08
Comment :    Great site. My dads real fathers last name is Ray Conley from over by Mt Shasta Calif. & Ashland Ore.

Name :    Shannon Castle Newman
Web site :   
Email Address :    shannoncastle@msn.com
Date :    09-10-08
Comment :    Looking for Mary - daughter of Callie of Melbourne, FL.

Name :    Cecelia (Lovely) Russell
Web site :    www.myspace.com/ceceliarussell
Email Address :    cecelia.russell@uky.edu
Date :    9/5/08
Comment :    Hi, Jerry! Im not sure I know you, but upon researching my own roots found this site and that you are my relative in some way. Howdy! Im going to go search around for a while...

Name :    Diana ( Blair ) Secrest
Web site :   
Email Address :    redhot53@embarqmail.com
Date :    8-23-08
Comment :    I like the site . I am looking for the Conley and Blair side of my family .My Great -Grandma Sola Gertrude Conley .My Grandma Florence E. Trimble is her daughter.

Name :    Yvonne Ranaldi
Web site :   
Email Address :    yranaldi@bellsouth.net
Date :    8/15/08
Comment :    Daughter of Clifton reeder and Nora Blevins.Married to Robert We have five children Robert in California.Debra Saghy,in Ohio,Roberta Mccaw,Gina Ranaldi,Lena Fox in Atlanta Georgia.Robert owns Far West Media.

Name :    Christa Conley
Web site :   
Email Address :    ChristaJaneRN@gmail.com
Date :    August 3, 2008
Comment :    Hello! I just found your website and I am so excited, because I too am a Conley, descended from Capt. Henry Connelly. I was searching for the book that you mention from the Magoffin Co. Hist. Society, when I ran across your site.

Name :    Cari Beck
Web site :   
Email Address :    cari@thebeckfam.com
Date :    07/15/2008
Comment :    I am a descendant of the Hockett line. I can give you some corrected information on Edna Hockett (Fretwell). She is my paternal grandmother. Let me know if you are interested. Thanks!

Name :    Denver Conley
Web site :   
Email Address :    xadvocate1@cinci.rr.com
Date :    7-11-08
Comment :    Son of Dewey& Verna Conley Grandson of Fred & Dora Whitt McCarty

Name :    josh conley
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Email Address :    hoss69@fuse.net
Date :    7 july 08
Comment :    interesting site hoping to find some information

Name :    David R. Conley
Web site :   
Email Address :    bcdc07@tecny.rr.com
Date :    7-6-2008
Comment :    I like the site very much, and its extremely interesting. My branch of the Conleys are from Central New York.

Name :    Dustin Ollie Conley
Web site :   
Email Address :    sunshine_2591@yahoo.com
Date :    7-1-2008
Comment :    hey there jerry. i have no idea how we are related. but my name is somewhere on your site, so thats pretty cool. it almost makes me feel special. but anyways, i have a growing interest in our familys history

Name :    Mavis Reed
Web site :   
Email Address :    mavis reed@sbcglobal.net
Date :    062008

Name :    Lynn Hockett aka Amber Osborn
Web site :   
Email Address :    faosborn@q.com
Date :    6-10-08
Comment :    Hi Jerry, You pobably dont know me but Im am you Uncle Bobs oldest Daughter. Im not sure what to say on here... but I wanted to say HI at least. I live in Nebraska with my Husband and kids. Right now Dawn and Staci are here visiting.

Name :    Brian Michael Conley
Web site :   
Email Address :    Bmc502sb@aol.com
Date :    10 June 2008
Comment :    my fathers name was Michael Kelly Conley, grandfathers name was Fred Conley, they lived in Catlettsburg KY, before moving to South Bend IN, any info. would be helpful, thanks

Name :    michael brown
Web site :   
Email Address :    mbrown012@neo.rr.com
Date :    5/30/08
Comment :    Grace Belle Conley was married to Thomas Champlin Sturgill (My great grandfather) Grace was the daughter of John S. Conley an America Belle Hiltibrand. I saw the name Yates in here and know some Yates have a connection in the salem, Ohio region.

Name :    john samual conley
Web site :   
Email Address :    jsc469er@yahoo.com
Date :    4/19/08
Comment :    my dad was born in paintsville ky and his brother john and sister lillian grand parnets are samual and opal i can find my way there but dont know the road name i love the web site thank you so much i live in rhode island my dad william was in army.

Name :    Curtis Conley
Web site :   
Email Address :    cconley@psci.net
Date :    4/13/2008
Comment :    First of all great site!! I have some info. on the children of William Henry Conley that could be added to what you already have. Is this something you would be interested in receivng and adding?

Name :    sandra conley{stewart}
Web site :   
Email Address :    ssssc@juno.com
Date :    april 8,2008
Comment :    i was wondering if any one knows any information on homer and nancy roach conley..they have a son raymond conley who is married to katherine i really enjoyed your web site thank you for your time sandra

Name :    Dorsie Yates
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Date :    4-6-08
Comment :    Thank you, I learned my Great-great-grand parents name and info I did not know. I will post our family updates as soon as I can Dorsie yates Jr

Name :    Jessica Conley
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Email Address :    jdcprincess@hotmail.com
Date :    3/31/2008
Comment :    I am the granddaughter of Jessie W. Conley. Please email me more info of our family

Name :    sandra conley{stewart}
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Email Address :    ssssc@juno.com
Date :    3-28-08
Comment :    i am looking for any information on homer and nancy conley. i am their grandaughter

Name :    Edna Fairchild Brasier
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Email Address :    jmbeeb@fuse.net
Date :    27 March 2008
Comment :    My Fathers brother, Walter Fairchild b. 3 Nov 1892 d. 15 Nov 1965 m. Laura Conely one son Elmer Fairchild b. 24 Aug 1920 d. Feb 1995 I would like information about Aunt Laura Conely Fairchild

Name :    samra adams
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Email Address :    Samra. adams@yahoo.com
Date :    march 20 2008
Comment :    daughter in law of rosa conley adams .born in johnson county ky.birthdate february 16 1924. married to claude adams ,magoffin co. ky

Name :    Gina M. Piazza
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Email Address :    mywildheart1966@yahoo.com
Date :    3/19/08
Comment :    I was a friend a friend of your brother Vince for many years, and had suddenly, without explanation stopped hearing from him 2003. I thought he was mad at me and couldnt understand why. I came across your website and found the entry about it a couple of weeks ago.

Name :    Samantha Jeffries
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Date :    3/13/08
Comment :    Hey! your page looks great! and so you could add my new son in there, his name is Jesse Allen Dean Beaver. oh and my boss said you did really good on the page too.

Name :    K. Spillman
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Email Address :    tinyandsassysmom@cox.net
Date :    03/10/2008
Comment :    I did a search for Geigerville, Ky. (genealogy stuff) and came across your site. It is nice, well constructed and very, very informational. Appreciate it and bookmarking it for future reference. Would you happen to have any information on Geigerville?

Name :    Brandy Blentlinger
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Email Address :    shatteringhope@yahoo.com
Date :    3/9/07
Comment :    Nice to see someone doing something about the family ive been trying to find stuff but have been unsuccessful, Im Jerry Blentlingers Daughter by the way.

Name :    Dayna Beavers
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Date :    03/07/2008
Comment :    Love your sight. Im Mayme Hackworth Coburns granddaughter. Catherine Jewel Coburn Sparks, Daughter.

Name :    Ina Howard
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Email Address :    alexis409@yahoo.com
Date :    2/25/08
Comment :    Hi I am the daughter of JD howard grandaughter of Murity Gamble. My siblings are Cody, Connor and Stacy. I love your site and am really inmpressed. I had no Idea I was even descended from Conleys.

Name :    Dale Spratt
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Date :    2/24/2008
Comment :    grandson of marcina (collans) spratt. nephew of sue (spratt) simon

Name :    Linda Lee Conley
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Email Address :    msconley66@yahoo.com
Date :    02/22/08
Comment :    My name is Linda Lee Conley, I am from Stanardsvill Va. I have a half brother whoes name was Early Conley, who I was told had a family in Califorina. His Father name was Lonnie Lee COnley. If you have any information, please contact me at 1-434-985-3584.

Name :    Chuck Conley
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Email Address :    rugrat0868@yahoo.com
Date :    02/21/08
Comment :    Just wanted to say its a great site. Im a descendant of the Conleys of Eastern KY

Name :    Patrick Conley
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Email Address :    teamconley@excite.com
Date :    02/15/2008
Comment :    Just wanted to add my name to the Conley list. Im the son of David B. Conley. I married Beth Poplin of Franklin Furnace, Oh on September 09, 2000. We had our daughter on May 22, 2007. Her name is Isabella Conley.

Name :    Dennis Conley
Web site :   
Email Address :    Linda.20@insightbb.com
Date :    12 Feb.,2008
Comment :    Announcing the death of James Omer Conley in Kenton county kentucky. Died peacefully on 11 Feb. 2008. Last surviving son of Hascal and Ellen Conley. Age at death 90 years. Wife Rosemary, Daughters, Linda and Karen. 5 grandchildren and 6 greatgrandchildren.

Name :    Ruth Conley Cassity
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Email Address :    ralphcassity8@aol.com
Date :    02/11/08
Comment :    Ruth is the daughter of Ben Franklin Conley of Carter Co. son of Thomas Jeff Conley. T.J. Conley is buried in the Conley Cem. in Lewis Co.

Name :    Gary Walker
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Email Address :    gwalk140@msn.com
Date :    02/08/08
Comment :    My wife is a descendant of Euell Wellington Conley. Just ran across this site while looking for info. Very good site. I will recommend it to others. Will visit often.

Name :    Jim Conley
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Date :    1/29/2008
Comment :    just want to comment on a great web site....decendant of Constantine Conley and Charolotte P Picklesimer

Name :    John Thomas Hitchcock
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Email Address :    jphitch@sbcglobal.net
Date :    Jan 8, 2008
Comment :    Your site is excellent Jerry, and very much appreciated. Thank you for all of your interest, dedication and devotion to our genealogy. John Thomas Hitchcock 3rd great-grandson of Isaac Hitchcock LTC, US Army (Retired) Paradise, CA

Name :    valarie elliott
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Email Address :    velliott002@woh.rr.com
Date :    1/5/08
Comment :    moms folks-Dewey Vanhoose and Mary (castle) Vanhoose my dads folks are Newell Hitchcock and Rusha (estepp) Hitchcock of Johnson county, Ky--Glade Branch and Sitka area.

Name :    Debra Conley Spaleny
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Email Address :    bikerwanabe03@sbcglobal.net
Date :    12/31/2007
Comment :    I know my grandfather Leslie B. Conley is buried in Reeves Cemetary in Ky. Trying to trace back from him. His daughter Leslie Kathryn Williams just turned 90. Would appreciate any help.

Name :    Sharon
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Email Address :    so4you@sbcglobal.net
Date :    12/19/2007
Comment :    Great site. My family sur names are Crace, Stone, Adams etc. I think all of the Magoffin people are related. I live in Roseville, Ca. Not too far from Lake Tahoe.

Name :    Etta Holbrook Rine
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Email Address :    etta4@earthlink.net
Date :    12/9/07
Comment :    Great site! Thanks for all the hard work put into it! I am the gggrandaughter of William Conley & Dicey Bailey, parents of Emeline Conley, mother of Rissie Conley Holbrook.

Name :    Mary
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Date :    12-5-2007
Comment :    Nice Website.

Name :    Mike Conley
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Email Address :    mconley14@yahoo.com
Date :    November 28, 2007
Comment :    I am just now getting started in attempting to trace my family back. My grandfater is from Johnson County, KY. He is the 5X Great Grandson of Captain Henry Connelly. Looking forward to studying and locating other Conleys in my lineage.

Name :    Bonnie Allen Morton
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Date :    11/17/07
Comment :    You have a great site thanks for sharing it with everyone.

Name :    Ralph Conley
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Email Address :    kristdal@aol.com
Date :    11/16/2007
Comment :    My father was Robert Conley, son of Isaac Conley, son of Edmon Conley, son of John Conley who was son of Capt. Henry Conley. My father was born in Scioto, Ohio. Wonder what happened to Isaacs sisters and brothers from Scioto??

Name :    Laurie Diamant
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Date :    November 9, 2007
Comment :    Thanks for all of the hard work and information.

Name :    Karen
Web site :    www.onegreatfamily/blantonconley.com
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Date :    Oct. 15, 2007
Comment :    I am the grand-daughter of Corbett Blanton and Norsie K. Conley. My great-grand-father is Sherm Sherman Bailey Conley. I would like more imformation if you have it. I would also like to start my own web- site once I figure it out.

Name :    jaggli
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Date :    14.9.07
Comment :    bonjour, je cherche des personnes qui sont des descendants de la famille jaggli qui vivait en suisse. Merci

Name :    kay
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Date :    oct 13 2007
Comment :    awesome site for my benefit. i have the Ayers tree back to Thomas Ayers M Rosie Jones so glad to go back to John Ayers. my gg aunt Penine married one of the Allens and i have her picture. she died at 102 yrs. i want more info on Thomas Ayers.

Name :    Michael d. Conley Jr.
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Date :    10/13/07
Comment :    wow lot of family history i did not know about this is cool.

Name :    Adam Conley
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Date :    10/11/2007
Comment :    Just passing through and came upon your site. Look forward to browsing further in the future. Regards, Adam

Name :    christopher conley
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Date :    10-Oct-2007
Comment :    Nice Site

Name :    Katherine Mathews
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Date :    10-6-07
Comment :    My grandmother was Hattie Conley b. 1886. Her father was Crockett Conley and her mother was Mary Anne Henry (OHenry).

Name :    dreama young
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Email Address :    jrnysperrygirl@yahoo.com
Date :    9-22-2007
Comment :    i am the granddaughter of robert elmo conley & olive conley of vanceburg (lewis county)kentucky.my great grand parents were thomas jefferson conley and maude bell(gose)conley.

Name :    penny hall
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Email Address :    penny_penny79@yahoo.com
Date :    09/15/2007
Comment :    i am the great-great grandaughter of james a conley and susan music.William wesley was my great grandfather

Name :    Kathy Taylor
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Date :    8-2-07
Comment :    greatgrandaughter of Sarah Elizabeth Conley, who was the wife of Charles Wilson Cantrell.

Name :    Matthew conley rosta
Web site :    myspace.com/ojorojoberlin
Email Address :    sunspotter2002@yahoo.com
Date :    July 29th 2007
Comment :    My middle name is my Mothers maiden name. My Grandfather name is James Conley. He was born in Kentucky. Buried there as well in a family plot. His nickname was Addie. He married my grandmother Myrtle Cundiff.

Name :    Greg Cantrell
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Date :    7-29-07
Comment :    Hi Jerry really enjoyed your site thanks

Name :    Sherry Lynn Collins
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Email Address :    SherryLynn.Collins@yahoo.com
Date :    7/23/07
Comment :    Hi, Jerry - My mother is a Conley from Eastern Kentucky. I came across your site while looking for information on Capt. Henry - Im sure it says here somewhere, but I cant find where hes buried? Peace, SL

Name :    Judy Bucher
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Email Address :    bucherc@comwares.net
Date :    July 21, 2007
Comment :    Jerry what a great site!! I am also researching the Conley line. My GG Grandfather Patric Conley was born in Ireland and came to the US and then to Indiana before 1855. He was married to Cyrene Peyton in Clay County Ind. in 1855 and then moved to Scott Co.

Name :    Judith A. Mazur
Web site :    www.jorsm.com/~gjmazur
Email Address :    gjmazur@jorsm.com
Date :    7-14-07
Comment :    MY Nephew, Timothy Ratliff, who is in Iraq, just sent this to me, Im over joyed. My Grandmother is from Magoffin Co. She is a Kennard but I know there is a Conolys in the family, Im not sure how but I will find out. They moved to E. Ky. with 3 of their kids.

Name :    Tina Evans
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Email Address :    evans3clan@comcast.net
Date :    July 4, 2007
Comment :    Im a descendent of Captain Henry Connelly. Ive enjoyed your website. My grandfather Edmund was married to Dalcena Williams. Dalcena died young and I havent found any thing on her. If you have any information on this line I would appreciate any help.

Name :    Danny E. Smith
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Email Address :    Chiefgunne00@hotmail.com
Date :    6-18-2007
Comment :    I was searching the internet for information about my ancestors when I came across your site. It is very nice. I noticed that you have my great,great grandmother listed under the Tates. Susie Tate married my great, great grandfather James Cunningham, John

Name :    Jennifer (Conley) Baker
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Email Address :    jenniferannbaker@sbcglobal.net
Date :    06/06/07
Comment :    Looking for information on conleys. My grandfather was Lloyd Raye Conley in Columbus / Logan Ohio.

Name :    Nicole M Conley
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Email Address :    n-conley@sbcglobal.net
Date :    5/4/07
Comment :    I have been doing research on the Conley name and what to know if you have anything on my family. Great grandfathers name is Taylor Conley and Grandmothers name is Marion Conley.

Name :    Grover Arnett
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Date :    June 1, 2007
Comment :    Really enjoyed your site. I was born in raised in Magoffin County, and currently reside here. I read where you live in the Mountains and receiving 5 feet of snow is amazing. However, I think I would enjoy that. Have a great weekend.

Name :    Leonard H. Conley
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Email Address :    sanctuary219@rkymtnhi,com
Date :    05/29/2007
Comment :    I am the son of Harry C Conley, son of Clifton Conley & Rosa Penex. My wifes name is Cheryl L Conley.

Name :    byron conley
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Date :    May/10/07
Comment :    just love the NAME.....CONLEY

Name :    Vicki Sanow
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Date :    1 May 2007
Comment :    A beautifully designed website! I was delighted to find the Arthur BARTHEL/Ruby WATSON family, related to my husband through Arthurs mother Amelia Anna SANOW. What a gold mine!

Name :    Doris Conley (Brucken)
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Email Address :    dbrucken@rapidcable.com
Date :    April 30, 2007
Comment :    Hi Jerry, Imagine my surprise to google a family members name and find my own!
This is a great site, thanks for doing such a wonderful job in tracing back the family heritage.

Name :    Susan Pelphrey
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Email Address :    tank04lady@yahoo.com
Date :    April 21, 2007
Comment :    Was wondering if you have a Darwin Lee Pelphrey Listed in your Family Tree, If so please contact me via email? Thank you so much Susan Pelphrey Columbus, Ohio

Name :    James Conley
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Email Address :    conleyjl@telusplanet.net
Date :    April 19/07
Comment :    Just a hello to all you US Conleys from us Conleys up north in Alberta Canada

Name :    wendy thompson
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Date :    4-8-07
Comment :    grandmother was Lula Conley buried at half mounthton ky near ivy point

Name :    Neal F. Connelley
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Date :    March 18, 2007
Comment :    Neal F. Connelley, at times family name spelled Conlty, Connelly, Conneley, etc.

My son and his family live in northern California and ski the Tahoe area often.

My line seems to run back to Johnson County, Arkansas then to Jackson and Knoxville, TN and in Charleston, SC in late 1790's, from there it disappears or is inclusive.

A distant cousin lives in Little Rock, Arkansas and I had an opportunity to see family bibles back some 160+ years. His mother has some five shoe boxes of hair clippings (tagged) from old ancestors.

Name :    Shelley Doudna Conley
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Email Address :    jsd2000@wilkes.net
Date :    March 17, 2007
Comment :    jerry my name is shelley doudna conley. my father was albert cletus conley his was albert henry conley. i have gotten as far back as daniel calvin conley. i am trying to put the pieces together as to where i fit in the puzzle. any help would be welcomed. there is web from patrick conley alot of info there. please add me to your guest book my e-mail is jsd2000@wilkes.net. thanks shelley

Name :    John Kirby Collier
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Date :    February 19, 2007
Comment :    Thank You for all of your time and hard work! John Kirby Collier, North Lewisburg, Ohio, grandson of Kirby Conley and Rissa Fannin Conley.

Name :    Michael Conley
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Email Address :    mjcin@earthlink.net
Date :    February 10, 2007
Comment :    INDIANA greetings.. I am just beginning this WONDERful journey to find my ancestors. When I came across "conleycorners" and then discovered "jerry's place"...I am absolutely overwhelmed with all of the "work & research" that has been done...all I can say right now is THANKS for sharing THIS CONLEY TREASURE...My father was Henry Preston Conley...my mother was Emily Miranda Blair...both from Johnson County, Kentucky...I look forward to adding any information about "my family" and continuing THIS JOURNEY...BLESS YOU JERRY for all you do!!!

Name :    David Conley
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Email Address :    drc1219@juno.com
Date :    January 21, 2007
Comment :    Greetings from Central New York State. Born and raised in Utica, NY. Just happened across the website and found it to be extremely interesting.

Name :    Mary Ann Edwards
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Date :    January 17, 2007
Comment :    cool site, loved the stories

Name :    Matthew Wayne Conley
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Email Address :    matt.conley@ky.gov
Date :    January 9, 2007
Comment :    I found this site by typing in Conley in Google Search Engine. I was born in Wise, Va. My parents Jimmy Truman Conley and Jewel Wynn Conley (maiden name Lucas) were both from Jenkins Kentucky. My Grandparents are Truman Conley and LaVon Burke Conley. If you have any information past this please contact me. Just for your information also. Both my father and grandfather were coal miners. I am a Kentucky State Trooper I now live in Henderson, Ky.

Name :    Mary Stek
Web site :   
Email Address :    mary.stek@lifetimeassistance.org
Date :    January 3, 2007
Comment :    Hello, My name is Mary Stek. I am 43 years old and I am adopted. I am trying to locate my birth parents. I was told that they were from the Buffalo area. All of the information that I have on them is that they both were 16 years old when I was born. She was Italian and he was French. I was born in November of 1963 and I would like to find them for health reasons. The adoption was private. The last name on my original birth certificate is Conley. My birth name on my certificate was Maria Christina Conley. I was taken at birth and I was told that my birth Mother was sent to Syracuse NY to a place called St. Mary's to have me. If you can please help me located them, my heart will be at ease. Again, my name is Mary Stek. I am 43. I currently reside in Rochester, New York. My e-mail address is: mary.stek@lifetimeassistance.org and I can be reached at 585-298-5412.

Name :    Brenda S. Miller
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Email Address :    brenda@coastaldesign.net
Date :    December 22, 2006
Comment :    I have viewed your site many times and am gratefull for the information. I am the daughter of Loretta Allen ( One of the triplets)born to Samuel Allen & Cora Carr.

Name :    Joseph Kane Conley
Web site :   
Email Address :    aidanmoon@verizon.net
Date :    December 11, 2006
Comment :    hello....im doing a search on my family's background. if you have any information please respond. i live in portsmouth, oh and i grew up in south shore, ky

Name :    Michele Marie Conley (Swanson)
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Date :    November 1, 2006
Comment :    Howdy from Connecticut. I am Michele Marie Conley (Swanson) born 08-14-1963, father was Michael Joseph Conley JR., and Grandfather Micheal Joseph Conley Sr., came from New York I believe. Don't have any other information other than my grandfather was a twin. Came across your web page and was quite intrigued. Sincerely, Michele Marie Conley (Swanson)

Name :    Nona E. Williams
Web site :   
Email Address :    newilliams1@sbcglobal.net
Date :    8/6/2006
Comment :    Jerry:
Enjoyed your site very much. I descend from Nathaniel Ayers b. 1700/1701 whom you mention. Can you please give me documentation for the birth dates of the children of John Ayers (b.1596). Thank you.

Name :    Gary Smith
Web site :   
Email Address :    gssmith1@bellsouth.net
Date :    July 8, 2006
Comment :    Hi Jerry,

      I searched every Elizabeth Conley on your site and none are even close to being my Great Grandmother who was Elizabeth Conley. So here is another Conley to add to your list if you desire.

Elizabeth Conley was born in NYC in 1850. I do not know her parents names but from census reports she stated they were from Ireland .She married James Smith a New York Black Smith sometimes in the late 1860’s. She and James had 7 children: Anna b.Sept.1869, Sarah b. December 1876, Jennie b. 1878, Henry b. 1881, Charles b. 1885, Margaret b. 1887, and Elizabeth b.1889. Her husband died sometime between the years of 1890-1900. She moved to New Jersey between the years of 1900-1910. I cannot find any further information via census and therefore believe she died sometime between the years 1910-1920.

I am a descendant of Elizabeth as her Son Charles J. Smith married Emily Tremel and had 9 children including my father Charles J. Smith Jr.

I hope this helps and maybe will provide me a contact from someone that has a link to Elizabeth’s family.

Gary Smith

Name :    Robert Sutherland Martin
Web site :   
Email Address :    martinrs75@yahoo.com
Date :    June 25, 2006
Comment :    I am glad to see that a part of my history is living in California. In the Carroll County Courthouse shootout a man by the name of Dexter Goad was involved, that was my great-great grandfather on my mothers side. I am now a sheriff's deputy in Carroll County and would love to contact you sometime. You can email me at martinrs75@yahoo.com. PS Dexter's daughter reloaded the guns in the first row during the shootout.

Name :    Robin Allan Kazee French
Web site :   
Email Address :    robinafrench@bellsouth.net
Date :    May 8, 2006
Comment :    I am the daughter of Allan Jones Kazee and Nancy Ruth Clay Kazee. My father died 05/01/2003. I can give you information about my part of the family, including my two brothers. My grandfather was Buell Hilton Kazee.

Name :    Bill Sturgill
Web site :   
Email Address :    b.sturg@centurytel.net
Date :    March 20, 2006
Comment :    Just wanted to say Hi, I am the nephew of Lucinda Sturgill, hope i spelled it right.My father is Jr. Sturgill, i am the youngest son. Wouldn't mind hearing from cousins i never met.

Name :    J. P. Lindsey
Web site :   
Email Address :    taplin@eastex.net
Date :    March 11, 2006
Comment :    I married Jo Ann Conley, daughter of James Everett Conley, son of Able Garfield, etc. We live in Coldspring, TX, which is in the beautiful part of East Texas. We don't give out maps willy nilly. There is just enough people here right now.

Name :    Arlene Crider
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Email Address :   
Date :    January 25, 2006
Comment :    I'm looking for a connection to a Syrena or serena jane conley. her father was uriah and her mother's maiden name was greathouse. They lived in Spencer W.Va.She was married to Theodore Bonnett he was born in 1851. They had five children.

Name :    Dennie R. Cole
Web site :   
Email Address :    dennie.cole@hWeb siteburt.af.mil
Date :    December 30, 2005
Comment :    Hello there, I'm the grandson of Murity Gamble (m. Burnzo Howard). I'm the son of Alice May Howard. You have my mother listed as Alice Maye Howard, it's actually spelled May. If you would like to take this part of the family forward even more I would be honored to help you. Keep up the good work.

Name :    Rebecca Ross
Web site :   
Email Address :    rebeccajr@earthlink.net
Date :    October 26, 2005
Comment :    I've found a mistake in your listings. According to a letter from my g. grandfather, Charles Newton Rice (aka Charles M. Rice)(m. Mintie Lou May), his father was James (Berg) Franklin Rice, whose parents were Samuel K. Rice and Jane "Jincey" Patrick. James was married to Sarah Jane Howes. You don't have James in your children of Samuel and Jane. Charles had fond memories of his grandfather, Samuel. Email me if you have questions and I'll do my best to help out!
Rebecca Ross

Name :    Jeane Elaine (Sturgell) Moore
Web site :   
Email Address :    dmoore7@neo.rr.com
Date :    October 15, 2005
Comment :    Hi, I am Jeane Elaine (Sturgell) Moore, oldest child of Thomas Franklin and Betty Ruth Paulin. I live in Columbiana County, Ohio. I would be interested in finding more Sturgell's or Lemasters (my Aunt Irene's children or grandchildren). dmoore7@neo.rr.com

Name :    Willa Dean Conley
Web site :   
Email Address :    wdean@earthlink.net
Date :    September 24, 2005
Comment :    I am Willa Dean Conley my dad was Leander Conley and my Grandfather was Ezekiel Conley email me at wdean@earthlink.net

Name : Laura Fieldsa Billings
Web site :
Email Address :
Date : September 18, 2005
Comment : Hello...My name is Laura Fieldsa. My father is Henry Fieldsa. His parents were Herbert Victor Fieldsa and Ruth Ranzinger. If anyone could help me locate a picture of my grandmother Ruth Ranzinger, I would be very grateful. You can email directly at Laura725@optonline.net
Thank You

Name : James A. Burgess
Web site :
Email Address : jim@promobiz.biz
Date : 7/31/05
Comment : I am related to Tom Burgess who married Harriet Allen. Wonderful job on the Allen family!

Name : Andrea Lemaster Litteral
Web site :
Email Address : andrealitteral@inet99.net
Date : June 25, 2005
Comment : Hello, My name is Andrea Lemaster (Litteral), My Great-Grandfather was John Smith Conley - b. April 18, 1843 and d. July 4, 1917 in Carter County, Kentucky. My Great-Grandmother was America Belle Hildebrand (Conley) - b. November 15, 1860 and d. September 23, 1937 in Carter County, Kentucky. My grandmother was their daughter Grace Conley - b. October 28, 1898 and d. April 8, 1970, from a heart attack, in Columbiana, Ohio. Grace married Thomas Champlin Sturgell - b. January 14, 1890 and d. January 18, 1978, in Columbiana, Ohio. Their children were: Opal Bulah Sturgell (Blockson) - b. 3/11/1916 and d. 12/20/2003, in Columbiana, Ohio, Irene Sturgell (Lemaster) my mother - b. June 25, 1918 and d. April 8, 2005, in Wurtland Nursing Home in Greenup, Kentucky, Lorena Sturgell ( Yates) - b. April 26, 1921 and d. January 15, 1997, in Evansville, Indiana, Norman Everett Sturgell - b. Novemebr 21, 1922 and d. October 21, 1997, in Columbiana, Ohio, Thomas Franklin Sturgell - b. May 24, 1924 (Still Living), Catherine Louise Sturgell (Reed) - b. August 18, 1928 (Still living)and Ada Sturgell (Prudent) - b. June 12, 1938 (Still living). I thought you may want this information. I really enjoyed looking at your website. Andrea

Name :    Jerry Scott Jenkins
Web site :    http://www.jcrocks.org
Email Address :    sjenkins32@hotmail.com
Date :    April 22, 2005
Comment :    Hello, My name is Jerry Scott Jenkins and I am the 6X Grandson of Captain Henry Conley. Nice Site Thanks!

Name :    Patti Kazee
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Date :    March 21, 2005
Comment :    Hi Mr Conley, My Name is Patti Kazee. I am Eric Kazee's wife. We have 2 boys. Jesse Lloyd Kazee,II 12 yrs old and Julian Patrick Kazee 9 yrs old. I really like the web site. How are you related to my husband? I know Eric will enjoy looking at your site also. God Bless. Patti Kazee

Name :    Jeani Hockett-Cooper
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Email Address :    moge@ix.netcom.com
Date :    January 19, 2005
Comment :    Very cool page. Lots of information, easy to search, interesting facts. GREAT JOB!!

Name : Charles Conley
Web site :
Email Address : conley_charles@hotmail.com
Date : January 13, 2005
Comment : Jerry, This is the very best homepage I have seen for any family! Great Job!!
Charles Conley

Name : J.R.Mathna
Web site :
Email Address :
Date : 26 Nov 2004
Comment : This site will do wonders for my research so I can compare findings. I appreciate you posting names of parents for people who marry into the Conleys, helpful in making others avoid more genealogical headaches.

Name :    Roy Emerson Conley
Web site :   
Email Address :   
Date :    29 Jun 2004
Comment :    Jerry, I am Roy Emerson Conley of Linden Ind.
My father John E Conley
1G father Lloyd Conley Lawrence Ind
2G father William Conley Lawrence
3G father James Conley Lawrence
4G father Elijah Conley Lawrence
buried in Lawrence Co with Irish emigrate mother Sarah Wilson Conley
5G father John C Conley (Connelly) buried N Carolina near Sparta and is brother of Henry Connelly

Due to the ancestors being illiterate my Conley name is spelled
connley ect.
I have copies of Deeds, Wills and land records from North Carolina and Lawrence Co Indiana with their names spelled every which way...this of course makes tracking our ancestors harder.

John C Connelly also had a son William and William was schooled, a scribed and literate....he is the one that dropped the center "NEL"to make my side a Conley. Some of the brothers used this spelling and some kept the old spelling...one, Alexander T Connelly kept the old name and moved on and settled in Cole Illinios.. Writing in hope this info will be helpful to others.
Respectfully Yours
Roy E. Conley
Lawrence County Ind

Name :    Melissa L. (Dodge) Place
Web site :   
Email Address :    place@egix.net
Date :    May 5, 2004
Comment :    I stumbled upon your website when doing a Google search for Daniel Dodge and Mahetibel Bennett. Daniel and Mahetibel would be my 5th great grandparents. Daniel had a Rufus B. Dodge, who had Samuel Dodge, who had Frank Dodge Sr., who had Frank Dodge Jr., who had Michael Dodge (my father, who had me! I'm 26 and live in Illinois and have been researching family history for about a year. Thank you for your work and help to me!

Name :    John Ramsey Conley
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Email Address :    jc6005@cox.net
Date :    April 13, 2004
Comment :    Great site. Just trying to find out who my family is.

Name : Jerry Ivory
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Date : March 18, 2004
Comment : Jerry,
Very nice job on your web page!

Name : Roger Crossler
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Email Address : crossler666@hotmail.com
Date : Thursday, March 11, 2004
Comment : Hi, my name is Roger Crossler & I´m from Sweden. Just wanted to say hello ´cause the name Crossler caught my attention... ...Be well!

Name :    Gail Mattson
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Email Address :    gailmattson@astound.net
Date :    3/1/04
Comment :    Hi Jerry, Gail Mattson here! I located your website again. What an incredible website....I can't believe how many people must be descendents of this couple. You must work very hard to keep it updated. Thanks for your hard work.

Name : Joseph Connelly
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Email Address : joseph@connelly97.fsnet.co.uk
Date : January 7, 2004
Comment : I would like to wish all connelly's worldwide a HAPPY NEW YEAR

Name : Joseph Connelly
Web site :
Email Address : joseph@connelly97.fsnet.co.uk
Date : December 31, 2003
Comment : Hi Ia'm JOE CONNELLY my grandfather came from county MAYO and settled in GLASGOW I would like from people with the connelly name

Name : Shelly Johnson
Web site :
Email Address : shelly.johnson1@worldnet.att.net
Date : 11/24/03
Comment : Jerry, (hey cousin); what link tells about out descendants from royalty? I hear so much about the Conley (Connelly) family having a royal blood line, however, I could not find any information on this? Julie's boyfriend is a Connelly, and the surname is O'Connellally (?) not sure on spelling, his descendant's come from Galway Ireland, and he is very interested in finding out about whether he is related to us. He recently visited Eliis Island thinking he could access some info, however, the process was to complicated. (He bought a really neat crucifix made out of green stone from Galway Ireland, in New York) Anyway, it might be neat to see if we are connected to the O'Connellaly (sp). Let me know about the royalty connection. I keep being told this is a pure bloodline.

Name : Delilah Conley Winstead
Web site :
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Date : November 7, 2003
Comment : This is a great Conley Family site. I am a the granddaughter of Ellis and Minta Conley. My father is Delbert Cletis Conley now deceased. Keep up the great work. I will check this as I can now that I was fortunate to find it. Delilah Conley Winstead

Name : Amity Powell
Web site :
Email Address : amitylee@netzero.net
Date : October 1, 2003
Comment : Jerry, Great site! You can take credit for helping me tie my family line to the Hillsville Allens. I just sent you an email with detailed info, but for the benefit of the other readers of your guestbook, I will give my line briefly: 1. William Allen Sr. 2. William Allen Jr. 3. William "Carr" Allen 4. Jeremiah Allen 5. William "Anderson" Allen (siblings were Washington, Victor, Floyd, Jasper, Garland, J. Sidna, Alvirita, Jetson, Carenia) 6. Jeremiah "Jerry" Garner Allen 7. Ben Oakley Allen 8. John Edward Oakley Allen (my mother's father) Thanks for all the great Allen info on your site! Amity Powell

Name : Todd Conley
Web site :
Email Address : toddconley@bellsouth.net
Date : September 24, 2003
Comment : hay my name is anthony "todd" conley aim from vanlear ky, and now live in lexington ky,if any one would feel free to e-mail me at toddconley@bellsouth.net

Name : Amity Powell
Web site :
Email Address : amitylee@netzero.net
Date : September 22, 2003
Comment : Your site seems to have more info than a lot I have found. Great job! I am still trying to find out how my Allen ancestors from Southwest VA and West VA are related to the Carroll County Allens as I have been told by my grandparents for years that they are somehow related. I can't seem to find my ancestors in anyone else's history, though. Please feel free to contact me if you would like the names of my Allens for your research. Amity Powell

Name : Rick Conley
Web site :
Email Address : rconley@ctcn.net
Date : 19 Sep 2003
Comment : Just want to say great web site Jerry!. I am Rick Conley from Urbana, Ohio son of James Smith Conley. I done some research, and I think we connect back at Edmund Conley Sr. through Edmund Jr. Anyhow, I was just told about your web site and wanted to visit. You have done much detailed work. This is a great site for me to research through my branch of the Conley's. Maybe we can connect up somehow and I can pass you information that I know as of now. Keep in touch and thanks for the use of your site.

Name : Brenda Conley
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Date : Friday, September 19, 2003
Comment : Hello from KY. Great web site.My husband and I are both descended thru Capt. Henry Connelly line and I am also thru the Hitchcock line so I already had quite a bit of the info that you have. I thoroughly enjoyed looking thru yours though.

Name : Martha Conley
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Date : August 4, 2003
Comment : Jack was born in Concoria Kansas and has a sister Jane Seymour and a brother Jim Conley who is deceased. Would like to know any thing that you have on this family and I will be happy to send you what I have - Martha Conley

Name : Robert A. Honiker
Web site :
Email Address : rifleman@aug.com
Date : June 28, 2003
Comment : I am descended from Benjamin Honaker. Have info of line to present date. I found your site by sheer chance. Robert A. Honiker, St. Augustine, Fl.

Name : Dallas and Jo Ann "Hettick" Greer
Web site :
Email Address : sccrmhc01.attbi.com
Date : May 27, 2003
Comment : Jerry, very nice page, I love the way you have it set up. We live in Federal Way, Washington we have lot's of family buried at Exeter Mem. Cemetery, do you know where I can find information about it on the web. Our names are: Greer, Hettick, Smith,and others.

Name : Sherry Conley
Web site :
Email Address : sherryssun@yahoo.com
Date : 17 May 2003
Comment : Great site! I am amazed at how much Oscar Conley looks like some of my Great Uncles. We have traced our Conley line back to Mason and Fleming County KY. The census records show they were born in Ireland. We haven't been able to connect to the other Conley families of KY as yet. We most recently are searching for a missing branch that lived in Licking County, Ohio as recently as 1980's ( Tom Conley branch). Another branch that moved out west (son of Paul Conley)and any cousins! Would love to hear from you!

Name : Ralph Conley
Web site :
Email Address : rconley70@comcast.net
Date : March 15, 2003
Comment : My grand father was James Perry Conley married Julia Morgan I think in Barnwell, S.C., or Bulloch County, Ga. There sons were Howard Benjamin (my father), Coy, Nathan, Leonard, Wallace, Harry, Juddy, James Jr. If anyone has information please contact me.

Name : Susan Conley
Web site : http://susan_qt.tripod.com
Email Address : kWeb siteysueqt@yahoo.com
Date : January 19, 2003
Comment : Thanks for adding my family's information! Keep it up! It would be great to know that this could possibly be here when a few generations pass and my grandkids can't find their line.I'll have my records, but just in case!! Very cool!

Name : Bruce Allen Conley
Web site :
Email Address : rollingdj99@yahoo.com
Date : January 14, 2003
Comment : Hi Jerry....My name is Bruce and my daughter has been looking up her ancestry from my fathers side of the family. My father was Charles. He was the son of Bertha and George. She said she had talked to you via email etc. I find it interesting what you have found. I've often wanted to do something like that but never got around to it. My mother is still living in Wellston, where I originally grew up, and all my brothers and sister are still around. My mother was a Knox and you probably already know that. Anyhow I haven't looked thoroughly at your site but plan on studying it as much as I can. I live in the Bellefontaine - Urbana Ohio area and believe me there are several Conley families in this area. Well...will run for now and hopefully we can stay in touch.

Name : Jon Kloosterhouse
Web site :
Email Address : kloo@comcast.net
Date : Sun Dec 22
Comment : My grandfather is Emmons fairchild. His great grand father was Asa Fairchild who was married to nancy Conley. I sent you a separate Email with more information traced further back. Hope it is usefull.

Name : Ron Leonard
Web site :
Email Address : leonard_thebrush@adelphia.net
Date : 22 Dec 2002
Comment : Gail Justus sent me your email site address and needless to say it's great. I'm a ALLEN researcher among others and have drawings of Sidna and Floyd's homes, etc. I'm new on this Internet world but have volunteered to be the Carroll County, VA coordinator on the site, http://www.genexchange.org/state.cfm?state=va Could use your input

Name :
Web site : http://www.clanconnelly.com
Email Address : webdesign@clanconnelly.com
Date : Mon, 25 Nov 2002
Comment : We are looking for Connelly's, Conley's, Connolly's or other family members with any of the varied spellings to link to our genealogy section of the Clan Connelly web Site.

Name : Mike and Cecilia Thompson
Web site :
Email Address : mikeandc@internetpro.net
Date : October 26, 2002
Comment : Found your site while surfing the net looking for Killian's. You have some great info on several members of my line of the Killian family.

Name : Rick & Kathryn Adkins
Web site :
Email Address : ww9341@dragonbbs.com
Date : October 15, 2002
Comment : Just wanted to say hello to all, Lots of info on your website, If any one needs any info on my line be glad to help..mine branches of at William Carr Allen 1756, father of John Allen abt. 1784, father of Crap (john) Allen abt 1806, father of Larkin Allen 1841, father of Mary Etta Allen abt 1873, Who was my grandmothers mother, I noticed no-one has very much info on Larkin or Mary Etta, I have lots if any one needs info. My grandmothers grand father Ben henderson Acord also married Nancy Allen 1838, I guess was his cousin. Her father was Carr Allen 1814, Carrs father was John a brother to (Crap). If anyone needs anything on this side of the family please contact me.

Name : Linda Hall
Web site :
Email Address : Linda8465@hotmail.com
Date : October 9, 2002
Comment : I really loved your page. I have a Mary "Polly" Allen who married Amos W. Hall. She was supposedy born cir.1800 in NC, Surry Co. ?? Married in 1828 and died in Kentucky. Anyway I have no information at all about her except her descendants. She would be my Gr Gr Grandmother. Your site is beautifully done and such good reading. Thanks for putting in so much effort for us all to enjoy.

Name : Terri Kinsman
Web site :
Email Address : terkin@mhtc.net
Date : October 4, 2002
Comment : Just surfed onto your site. Am very excited to see it. Caswell and Mary (Connelly) Adkins were my great-great grandparents. Their daughter Dorothy was my great grandmother. Have visited Jacob Borah Cemetery. Nice to "meet" another relative!

Name : Janice Pena
Web site :
Email Address : jpena@ci.madison.wi.us
Date : September 12, 2002
Comment : Just wanted to say how very much I enjoyed reading the account by Doris Conley of her parents life. What a touching tribute to two people who personify the American spirit! It is a valuable piece of insight into our country's social history. Thank you.

Name : Delbert Cletis Conley
Web site :
Email Address : Delco132@aol.com
Date : August 22, 2002
Comment : Dear Mr. Conley,
I would like to correct some misinformation on your site in regard to my second wife's maiden name. Her maiden name was Naomi Jean Young not Appleman which was her mother's maiden name. I would also like to list my children on your site but don't know how. My Dad was Ellis Conley son of John Morgan Conley and Pheba Jane Coburn. My dad was born April 18, 1889 and died March 8, 1971. Thank you for all that you have done.
Sincerely Yours,
Delbert C. Conley

Name : Trina Matthews
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Date : August 20, 2002
Comment : I have 3 names and cannot find anything about. Ellen Conley b. January 10,1900 in Cherokee Co. NC, Married Monroe Teems of Gilmer Co. GA. J. Lucis Conley b. NC? married Lydia Octavia Mason and is the father of Ellen Conley. Married again and move to Franklin, NC. Ambros Conley father of J. Lucis

Name :
Web site :
Email Address : "jean"
Date : August 11, 2002
Comment : my name is emogene rose conley.
married name now is kyzer.

Name : Brunk J. Conley
Web site :
Email Address : concobooks1@proaxis.com
Date : July 26, 2002
Comment : We are the Oregon branch of the Conleys and doing a bit of research. New to Internet surfing.
Name: Brunk J. Conley
Father: Brunk Winston Conley
Grandfather: George Wallace Conley
Wife: Julie Kennard
Son: Brunk W. Conley
Grandson: Brunk V. Conley
Brother: Leon C. Conley (deceased)
Brother: Leslie W. Conley

Just looking for history -- Thanks

Name : Aaron Vail Allen, III
Web site :
Email Address : aaron.nancy@verizon.net
Date : July 10, 2002
Comment : Jerry: Enjoyed reading your site and links--was told of them by Gail...I am direct descendant of James Allen the blacksmith of Kempston, Bedfordshire, UK via Roger Allen/Alling [New Haven CT]. William of VA may be related to James [Roger's dad]...I am sending some copies of papers to Gail--perhaps she can share them with you...
Aaron V. Allen [Lafayette IN, formerly of Fair Haven VT]

Name : Scott Conley
Web site :
Email Address : captainconley@hotmail.com
Date : June 19, 2002
Comment : just checking out if i could trace my roots, but i think we are very distant relation (if any) My first ansestor came over in the 1700's from ireland to kingston, ont, canada...bye.

Name : Donna J. Wilson
Web site :
Email Address : zldjwilson@lvnworth.com
Date : June 9, 2002
Comment : My info is that:
Wm.I married Mary Gereves
Wm.II married Mary Jones
Wm.III married Susannah Slade
Wm.IV married Hanna Coffin
then our family down: Jousha married Martha Gossett, Thomas G. married Eliza Welch, Sarah Jane married Micheal Criddlebaugh, Sabina married Wm. Alonzo Wilson, Jesse Wilson married Denzil Tannahill, Zane Wilson married Donna Hogan (US, Shauna Wilson our daughter.

Name : Jeannette Altair
Web site : http://www.altairs.net
Email Address : altair@onemain.com
Date : April 28, 2002
Comment : I thoroughly enjoyed reading your recollections. What a wonderful, loving family. Through hard work, trials, etc. comes character. I can see why all the children of your grandparents were successful. Thanks for sharing!

Name :    Bea Conley
Web site :   
Email Address :    bigmisfit41@hotmail.com
Date :    April 8, 2002
Comment :    I just wanted to say great job. I tried to trace my own tree but ran into a wall on my grandfather James Conley but I have had luck in other ways. Your site was very informative.

Name :    Melanie Conley Stenstrom
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Email Address :    parrotheadmel@hotmail.com
Date :    April 1, 2002
Comment :    Good Work.

Name :    Anna Lyons Bower
Web site :   
Email Address :    abower@webtv.net
Date :    March 24, 2002
Comment :    This is a wonderful site. I am also looking for my Conley family. I would love to hear from any descendents of my great grandmother Celia Conley. Celia was born in Johnson Co. Ky. about 1868. Her father was William Conley and her mother unknown. Celia married Henry David (Bud) Lyons in 1884. Their children were Samuel, Andrew, George, Ora, Zelpha, Lou and Fanny. I would love to find more info. about Celia's parent's or hear from any of Celia and Henry Lyons descendents. Thank you. Sincerely, Anna

Name :    Charles Conley
Web site :   
Email Address :    Charles.Conley-1@ksc.nasa.gov
Date :    28 Feb 2002
Comment :    just surffing and enjoyed your site. My desendents came from James Conley b,1771. Tazewell, Va.

Name :    Thomas Conley
Web site :   
Email Address :    thomasconley@mindspring.com
Date :    25 Feb 2002
Comment :    my name is thomas conley and i live in north east alabama ,where my people come from i don't know traced my family back to my great great great grandfather thomas jefferson conley of marshall co alabama . from there i'm lost. thanks for any help . i'll be back to visit again c.u.by. T.C.

Name :    Jason Conley
Web site :   
Email Address :    one_man_god@yahoo.com
Date :    31 Jan 2002
Comment :    I just thought i would say i ihave enjoyed your page it is really interesting my family conley that is in kentucky is in a town calle mouse ,kentucky im not sure what county that is im sure we are family any way great site stay in contact

Name :    Aaron Allen
Web site :   
Email Address :    daddyx3@stargate.net
Date :    1/7/02
Comment :    I am the 10th generation Grandson of Joseph Allen Sr. who married Sarah. Somewhere between 1690-1705, the O'Haillen's from Ireland came to Virginia and changed there name to Allen.
2) William Allen Sr.
3) William Allen Jr.
4) John Allen Sr.
5) John (Crap)Allen Jr.
6) Larkin Allen
7) William Lewis Allen
8) Hugh Norman Allen
9) Jack Clarance Allen
10) Aaron Allen

Name :    Barbara Conley
Web site :   
Email Address :    fordhere@aol.com
Date :    30 Dec 2001
Comment :    Looking for information on my husband's family. He died in 1964 and I never new much about his family. My husband was William Clifford Conley. His father was John Clifford (Cleff on his S.S. application) born 6-6-1906 in Soldier, Carter County, Kentucky. John's parents were John Wesley Conley and Inez Salyers. Any information you have would be greatly appreciated.

Name :   
Web site :   
Email Address :    Dakota19122@aol
Date :    November 25, 2001
Comment :    I'm a Conley looking for my family. My father is Thomas Edward and his father was Kenneth Conley from Ohio, Montgomery County. Thanks for your help.

Name :    Mildred Cox
Web site :   
Email Address :    mcox5@woh.rr.com
Date :    Sat, 17 Nov 2001
Comment :    This is a great page you guys have out done yourselves. The Conley-Clan would be proud. I have found more here in a matter of min.'s than I have in months. Keep up the good work. People like me need you.

Name :    Cliff & Jennifer Conley
Web site :   
Email Address :    cjcon1@gte.net
Date :    22 Aug 2001
Comment :    Found your webpage thru the Connelly forum on Genealogy.com - keep up the good work cousin......

Name :    Erik Conley
Web site :   
Email Address :    erik_conley@dell.com
Date :    16 Jul 2001
Comment :    Amazing... I have an uncle Jerry Conley in Amarillo, TX. He is a retired police officer, and has done genealogy on the Conley family for many years. Have you two met???

Name :    L.D. Conley
Web site :   
Email Address :    condh_1999@yahoo.com
Date :    Thu, 28 Jun 2001
Comment :    Taylor Crockett CONLEY was my g.grandfather. b. 1847,White CO. Mother, Hannah, brother,William. sister, Susan. He married Miranda ELROD, had two children, Caledonia and John Henry. His second wife was Mary Elizabeth HENRY,b.1860, in Putnam CO. They lived at "Shingle Tennessee" Where was Shingle? Was it around Cookville? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, L.D. Conley, Irving, TX

Name :    Nancy Myers
Web site :   
Email Address :    angel4800@hotmail.com
Date :    Fri, 22 Jun 2001
Comment :    Thanks for the great page. My family didn't put in places of birth beyond my grandfather and all I have to go on is a name so it makes it really hard. If anyone can help me find Hughberry Conley's children would sure appreciate the help. Again great page and keep up the good work.

Name :    Lester G. Fieldsa
Web site :   
Email Address :    lester.gf@verizon.net
Date :    Sat, 26 May 2001 16:00
Comment :    I am your mom's cousin. I came across your web site by accident. I have been searching on Ellis Island for my ancestors. The site is a great help. THANKS

Name :    Kay Conley Kennedy
Web site :   
Email Address :    kaykennedy@qwest.net
Date :    Fri, 18 May 2001 00:41:15
Comment :    I am looking for ancestors of William Conley who married Mary Fleming. They moved to Polk Co, MO about 1870. 3 Children, John Allen, Eva and Phelia. They may have been from Floyd Co,KY. John Allen was my grandfather.

Name :    Roland E. Tate
Web site :   
Email Address :    rolandetate@earthlink.net
Date :    15 May 2001 15:12:16
Comment :    Hi Jerry. This is a great site and I have used it to my advantage. I am a cousin through the marriage of Elizabeth Connelly to Aaron Tate in Russell Co., VA. They were my 3rd greatgrand parents. I live within 5 miles of their place of death in Fort Payne, Alabama. Roland

Name :   Shane Conley
Web site :   
Email Address :   AClassicShane@aol.com
Date :   05-12-01
Comment :   Very nice. I am just starting my research on the Conley line. I will visit back soon as I begin to make my connections. Wonderful job!

Name :   Natalie Hicks
Web site :   
Email Address :   norach0415@aol.com
Date :   19 MAR 2001
Comment :   Congratulations on all that you have been able to put together. I'm wondering if you came across any Conley's/Crows from Md in the early 1900's? I to am trying to trace ancesters, but I'm stuck at my great grandparents.

Name :   Karolyn Kirsch Hawthorne
Web site :   
Email Address :   khawthorne@msinets.com
Date :   3/25/01
Comment :   Sent you a lengthy email - nice to meet you cousin.

Web site :   
Email Address :   lablady55_65793@yahoo.com
Date :   3/15/01
Comment :   I'm not in your line but thought I'd check it out anyway. I'm trying to find info on John Ashford Conley's wife, Mindi Woods. If you come across anything I'd appreciate it.

Name :   Minnie K. Dingledine
Web site :   
Email Address :   robinhood@urec.net
Date :   03/14/01
Comment :   I am a great,great,great grandaughter of John Hitchcock.Sr and Temperence Hitchcock.My grandfather is Toby McKenzie who is the son of William J. McKenzie and Nancy J. Rice. Nancy is the daughter of Samuel Rice and Phoebe Hitchcock.

Name :   Dennis Conley
Web site :   
Email Address :   Bmcchief@msn.com
Date :   9 March, 2001
Comment :   I have info that you might find useful. The line from John and America Belle.

Name :   Thomas R. Hitchcock
Web site :   
Email Address :   Mysjef@aol.com
Date :   2/13/01
Comment :   I would like to know more about my family history if any could you help me I would really appriciate thank you. Thomas

Name :   Bill
Web site :   
Email Address :   Billconnely@yahoo.com
Date :   2/13/01
Comment :   Hey there Jerry nice page, I wonder If I'm part of your family, but I'm not sure, I definetly look like you guys, uh uh huh.

Name :   Daniel R Conley
Web site :   
Email Address :   3341conl@msn.com
Date :   Feb 1, 2001
Comment :   Jerry, This is awesome Gayle and I have enjoyed it.Keep up the good work and if there is anything I can do to help just let me know. You'r cus .......... Dan

Name :   Stefan Kirchner O`Conley
Web site :   
Email Address :   kirchner@justice.com
Date :   29 jan 2001
Comment :   Dear Jerry and other members of our great family. Thanks for a lot of work and a great result. It was great to get to know about you "cousins" on the other side of the atlantic. Thanks to Vince for telling me about your place. God bless you and your family.

Name :   Cindy L Reeves
Web site :   
Email Address :   db6200@hotmail.com
Date :   1/16/01
Comment :   Dear Jerry, I haven't seen your site for a while, I have been working on my husband's family. This is great! My mother asked me to copy the Allen information from your site-again. Again very nice work! I like the pictures!

Name :   john hitchcock
Web site :   
Email Address :   frances@iei.net
Date :   1-15-01
Comment :   hi jerry i'm working on hitchcock and related families, i'm new at this computer

Name :   David Baker
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Email Address :   s1baker@swmail.sw.org
Date :   1/14/2001
Comment :   Great site. Thanks to your brother for refering me here. I hope to have my site up and running in a few months. Talk to you later cousin.

Name :   Joyce Conley
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Email Address :   jcconley@yahoo.com
Date :   1-14-01
Comment :   Been to Henry's Gravesite. Joe Conley of Paintsville, Ky. took us ther in June, 2000. Our daughter is really into this. We just drove, and I just started the computer this past christmas.Clayton & Joyce Conley.

Name :   Deni Frederick
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Email Address :   Nynnyan@hotmail.com
Date :   12 Jan 2001
Comment :   Looking for original Connelly ancestor first name began with P fought in Civil War and was first Connelly immigrant in my family tree—but he's not here. Good stuff for others though! Slainte!

Name :   david conley
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Email Address :   davidbuckeyeone@aol.com
Date :   jan 06,2001
Comment :   very nice thanks

Name :   Robert L. Hockett (*Bob)
Web site :   
Email Address :   rlh1gih2rt@aol.com
Date :   12/13/00 07:51:43
Comment :   Jerry I found one error. Dad Alvin Wesley Hockett was born on 1 July 1908 at the Sanford Smith ranch Posey, (Jack Ranch) California. Sandford was his grandfather on his mothers side of the family. I have too much going right now to give you any other info but will stay in touch. Bob Hockett

Name :   Mom
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Date :   11/30/00 06:36:08
Comment :   I found the Jensens. Olga's husband was Walter Bamberger. You might want to make a notation that Gus and Berger married sisters, Bertha and Lillian. That makes an interesting twist in the lineage. I like the little guy tapping his foot real fast!

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Comment :   Hi Jerry, Great job. A few things I can add to the Jensen/Fieldsa line. On the 1st line re' Lars andreas Jensen, the town was Fjeldsaa, Norway. When Oscar Fjeldsaa (my grandfather) came to the USA the spelling was changed to Fieldsa. He was a ship's car ender and I believe he met Grandma Ruth here when he stayed at a boarding house in Staten Island which was run by her mother. Aunt Ruth Kirsch in VA (804-447-8345) can confirm that for you. Perhaps Karen Seidler (husband's name Ira) at seidek@ hotmail.com would know also. Herbert Fieldsa Sr had only one child by Elizabeth Ehl- Herbert Jr. His second wife, Ruth, bore him 4 children, Henry, George (married Debbie 6/97), a girl whose name I don't remember and another son named Herbert also. This Herbert live in Canada at 2000. DESPINS, Lemoyne, QC J4P366 Hope this helps and you are doing a great thing. Love, Audrey

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Comment :   Jerry, Nice work, although I see one correction you need to make, Thaddeus second wife is only known as Elizabeth. Meade was Rachael Chaney's first husband's last name. There are documents that show Thaddeaus married the Widow Meade (Rachael Chaney) in 18 6. Information from both county records and Marge Lenyo, Portsmouth OH.

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Comment :   Thanks for all the work you have done. This is a wonderful site. I was born Pamela Fraley d/o John and Gusta Tackett Fraley. My father was s/o Britton and Julia Conley Fraley. Julia was d/o Peter and Mary "Polly Ann " Waddell Conley. I have pictures of Britton and Julia Conley Fraley. I am new to this genealogy thing and I am already obsessed with it. Thanks again. Pamela Tucker

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Comment :   Jerry, Thank you for all the work you have done and are doing. I so appreciate all the time and energy you have put into this. It is really interesting to my son, who is really into the history of the Conleys. Thanks again, Karla Moore Pruitt

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